UAV industry is not warm not fire

UAV industry tepid transformation / layoffs frequent phenomenon

French UAV company Parrot announced layoffs of 1/3, the UAV team of 840 layoffs of 290, becoming the first UAV in 2017 announced the layoffs of the company.

Parrot the last quarter revenue of about 85 million euros, 100 million euros did not reach the target, the UAV contributed about 60 million euros (the company also includes intelligent equipment), the poor performance of the UAV field cannot escape, Xinjiang but Parrot is not the first to be affected, xinjiang.

in addition to layoffs, Parrot business restructuring also includes the goal for the development of commercial UAVs, including the development of map / monitoring, agriculture and inspection. But the Parrot mentioned in the annual financial report, by the end of December 2016, there are 200 million euros in net cash, so do not worry about the financial situation of the company. Parrot 2017 UAV goal is to allow the UAV business grew 10%.