Uber and Ola are likely to stop in India Silicon Valley carpool service


Giant Ola

Uber and its driving company in India is India’s local rivals have increased horsepower, to expand their business in India, but in the past the taxi "antique" provisions but they become obstacles to the development of.

the latest evidence from Kanateke, it is India’s "Silicon Valley" the most important market in Bangalore, the state government is considering whether to identify the two taxipooling sharing service is illegal.

in accordance with the provisions of the National Transportation Department of India, shared services such as Uber POOL and Ola Share and other shared services containing a breach of contract transport license content exists. Old regulations restrict the operation of a taxi, and passengers can only get on or off the bus in their particular route.

India State Department of Transportation Secretary

M.K. Aiyappa when talking about this issue, quoted: "taxi sharing carpooling is not possible, because they have a contract of carriage licence, drivers need to point to point between driving a car shuttle rather than passengers between people."

due to the regulatory problems of taxi, taxi provider ZipGo was forced to stop its business development in Bangalore in 2015. Interestingly, in 1989 the karnatic car rules "to allow state-owned city buses to provide similar sharing experience." But this provision so far has not been modified to include such as Uber and Ola this kind of car sharing car services.


state is expected to hold a meeting on Monday, the meeting will make about the fate of car sharing car services. Last year, Uber and Ola launched a motorcycle taxi service, but after a few days after the launch of the service was immediately halted by the national government of India.

at the same time, Uber and Ola have today in the city of India launched a carpool service people. In a statement, Uber said to Mashable India, UberPOOL services will not violate any law. UberPOOL and Ola Share services are very popular in the relatively sensitive market in India.


Uber spokesman said, "we believe that UberPOOL obviously in the legal range, we will continue to work with the Department of transportation and the karnatic government contact communication, such as UberPOOL share travel mode is the future of city transport, it can help reduce the number of cars in the city to ease congestion, make travel more affordable."

Ola, India’s largest Internet service provider, has launched operations in more than and 100 cities in India. But they haven’t made any comment on this statement.

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