Ultra convenient and no electricity hot clothes artifact! Iron man laid off (video)

Drizzo is a physical way to smooth tensile fold clothes gadgets, does not need to plug or chemical agents, such as water injection can wrinkle.

(Lotus) for single dog or dead house, how to get more quality is not an easy thing.

thanks to the many takeaway sites at home can not cook dinner; never mind also refused to move, X East X Po can meet all your shopping needs; all kinds of home service can help you clean the house, aunt hire garbage.

it’s OK to wash clothes and throw them into the washing machine, but no one can do it Dry cleaners are good, but after all, the price is more expensive, the most important thing is not emergency? For example, you are scheduled to date, there’s not a wrinkled shirt What should I do?




okay, this world does not lack for the lazy, some single people design artifact, such as Drizzo.

Drizzo looks like a whole hanger, the best part of it is completely without electricity, the use of physical stretching principle to "hot" clothes. As long as the shirt, pants on the top with a clip to fix, and then spray water, and so on 2, 3 minutes to dry the clothes wrinkled on all gone.

How about

, the effect is immediate.

no electricity, no iron problems and potential safety hazards, do not need any chemical agents, the clothes hanging water on the why why, one will have a shirt is take on an altogether new aspect, all single young men of the gospel. Its price is not expensive, only 55 euros (about RMB 405).

of course, Drizzo is not suitable for wool and other non cotton clothes, so what the coat or honestly choose dry cleaners.