Unable to solve the home improvement pain point Internet home improvement is not light masa-c

To solve the "Jiezhuang pain points" Internet home sick?? watch pain points home "and" help eradicate the shortcomings of the traditional Jiezhuang consumers "and" the tedious traditional Jiezhuang simplistic modeling"…… With a "Internet plus" label decoration, since birth with a straight-A student attitude, all caught the eye of the self, as if it will Jiezhuang became a commodity, as easily worry and buy clothes to buy shoes. ?? Once in the period of each other, in the course of mutual rivalry between low valuation of the Internet home, seems to have passed the use of digital to suction eye stage, but failed to stop the use of tricks to show myself to think of the. No, the implementation of construction foreman implementation of online monitoring, including customized packages…… Many sounds beneficial to the content of home improvement construction, gradually being filled into the Internet home improvement services. However, these floating in the network on the part of the talk, whether it can really effective landing? Recently, the "Beijing Youth Daily" · thousand times visited the market, found that some Internet home didn’t cure the disease. ?? Like the Internet Jiezhuang "doping" self hi mode stop?? TV "beauty you Jiezhuang" total advertising network, screaming "magic home off three days of kitchen refurbished" soon evolved into legend, known to both hard and soft package "to help you install" confident appearance…… ?? "Because" the standard features of construction period and low price, many Internet companies have recently launched a new home out of their way. "Custom" covers the package, be equal to anything Jiezhuang "X99 yuan per square meter;" derived from multiple levels, the main material of the package, well-known brands imported wood package, ordinary material package Goods are available in all varieties. "third party supervision"; the service upgrade directly online monitoring, APP, PC in the end, the construction quality of the scene can be monitored; "avoid multiple intermediaries" even to cancel the foreman identity, in order to avoid the middle rebate…… ?? That is the Internet garish Jiezhuang companies as their own highlights, seemingly growing brand is really for the sake of convenience for consumers, or with the concept of selling a new round of investors’ money? For home improvement, which directly affects the quality of life of consumers, the product, once the choice may mean that the choice of a life. Internet home improvement to bring consumers more sense of security or a sense of loss, not a few forms can decide. ???? "Handheld monitor" listening to the site or not to take the high-end tube?? since the Internet is home, the "information" has become a lot of the company’s pet phrase is not only for the systematic generation, information processing, line design under single now, but there is a lot of Internet launched their own home APP, can not only realize the package selection, online trading, more consumers can always rely on that mobile phone monitoring in the whole process of home decoration. ?? It sounds really good, for busy working at the scene not often Jiezhuang consumers, can see the construction of the home, can also be more comfortable, more can invite their trusted professionals together to judge the construction link. How to operate this process,.相关的主题文章: