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Unlock the door for the technology to prove the theft of a man was arrested in Chongqing, a man in Tongliang District, is a lock workers, in order to prove their unlock technology, repeated burglary in the district implementation. Recently, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Tongliang District South police station will be a captured, so far, the small series of thefts finally The case is entirely cleared. The evening of November 12th, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Tongliang city police station on patrol, found a street facade there are two men in the lock, and suspicious appearance and movements of two people questioned. Interrogation, the man Wang claimed the facade the key is lost, then please help unlock a friend. The police questioned a period of time, looked flustered, caused the police suspect. So the police will be brought back to the police station two further review. After investigation, the police found a department of a district of Tongliang city a number of burglary suspects. A section in the face of evidence and interrogation, confessed to the crime on their own. Through the interrogation section of a confessed, he is 23 years old, who lives in a district of Tongliang, in the online self learning technology, in order to prove their unlock technology, it will be implemented in a residential area and the surrounding burglary. According to police investigators, a total of more than 10 crimes, the total value of the stolen goods more than 10. At present, a section of the suspect has been Tongliang District of Chongqing City Public Security Bureau criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: