Unmanned aerial vehicle UAV was close to fear the truth thoroughly white spray

, a UAV shooting aircraft landing caused a great disturbance in the micro-blog video.

this video is about 8 seconds, suspected of someone using a UAV in the ultra close shot of a passenger airliner.

although the scene is very shocking, but from the plane size, distance may be 100 meters only, has extremely serious threat to aviation safety, the slightest mistake be unbearable to contemplate the consequences.

this afternoon, @ Zhejiang public security official micro-blog made a notification on the matter.

bulletin, January 15th 17 PM, the citizens of Yuanmou (23 years old, male, Hangzhou Xiaoshan people) using models for "Royal" Xinjiang UAV, in the new town of Xiaoshan district from the airport about 8.5 kilometers off the sunset.

the UAV lifted to a height of 450 meters, shot a number of aerial images, which contains multiple aircraft via the , aerial shooting process of about 10 minutes. After the event, the yuan intercepted 8 seconds to upload the video to the QQ group of friends, and friends were reproduced.

investigation, Yuanmou Department of amateur pilots, no relevant qualifications. The aircraft is Yuanmou purchased in Hangzhou in early December 2016.

at present, the incident is still under investigation, the police will promptly notify the relevant circumstances.