Using citric acid to increase metabolism

improve metabolism, such as reasonable exercise, or eat some can promote metabolism of food . is promoting the antidote — citric acid best The new supersedes the old.


citric acid is what

Q: what is citric acid?

A: citric acid citrate is also known, can become excellent physical components of alkali acid constitution. Not only that, it can also affect the human body in the citric acid cycle, and then drive to the body The new supersedes the old. speed, reduce the accumulation of fat , naturally not fat! People who do not know it, would like to think of citric acid to make lemonade. In fact, the benefits of citric acid to say too much, and not just the existence of lemon. Lemon lemon belongs to Rutaceae, the name of Chinese, which contains citric acid is a kind of plant in fruit acids.

Q: what is the use of citric acid?

A: can eat, can be used to add, citric acid is really super practical. The most attractive thin people, should be the role of the beauty slimming oh! In addition to fruit, citric acid is also widely distributed in the biological community of organic acids. Citric acid before most of the fruit extraction, but now thanks to biotechnology to give the human body itself can use citric acid cycle principle, to plant Vegetable & Fruit as material, and through fermentation, separation and purification, can produce high quality of citric acid!

Q: do you have any citric acid? Which foods contain citric acid?

A: because modern dietary preferences or pressure of urban life and can easily cause nervous and irritable, so imperceptibly could become acid constitution, in the course of time, all kinds of health problems and also follow, while citric acid is able to make the constitution become excellent components of alkali acid constitution. plum, citrus, orange, lime, lemon, loquat, grape, papaya, apples, strawberries, tomatoes, tamarind, grapefruit, strawberry, mulberry fruit, contain citric acid into content ranging.

citric acid 10 health features

1, to help the self circulation, excess nutrients and heat into heat energy consumption, metabolism in vitro.

2, after the Nobel prize affirmation oh.

3, accelerate the citric acid cycle, easy to make you into a soda.

4, not medicine, but food.

5, can help restore;