Vice president of the party secretary to blackmail gotcha huaqianxiaozai

Vice president of the party secretary to blackmail gotcha huaqianxiaozai September 2016, an extortion case in Henan mouth: Wugang City People’s court vice president Wang Yue, the blackmail and impose exactions on former Wugang party secretary Zhu Yifang, Luohe City, Wuyang former county Party Secretary Qin Jianzhong and other officials of a total of 4 million 100 thousand yuan. A county court vice president, how dare knock fraud Le party secretary suoxian? As an important place in politics, two county Party Secretary, and why would succumb to a section level officials? This bizarre case of final results of blackmail and impose exactions on both sides. At the end of August this year, Wang Yue jailed for 11 years due to blackmail and impose exactions on charges of extortion, and two officials already sacked. The blackmailer step-by-step blackmailee huaqianxiaozai July 2008, Wugang City, Henan province (county-level city) land and Resources Bureau on a land transfer listed. The Wugang City People’s court vice president Wang Yue, the Wugang City People’s Court of the Executive Board of police officers under the guise of Wei Deming, Wei Deming aunt, in the land auction. Although after the bidding procedures, but the transfer of Wugang City Land Resources Bureau terminated in August of that year to the land, and refund the deposit to the bidding parties. At this time, Wei Deming came forward, in order to terminate the auction resulted in damage to the grounds, asked the government to compensate his aunt’s loss. He repeatedly send text messages, call the Wugang municipal Party committee secretary Zhu Yifang, said the land listed there is collusion, abuse of power and other acts of transfer, and to report to the higher authorities threatened, just compensation for the loss of ask. 3 months earlier than the case in April 2008, Wuyang County, Luohe city and adjacent to Wugang City, due to the construction of chemical plant, the county government expropriated 180 acres of land to an Zhen xin. In the process of land expropriation, Xin An Zhen Lao Cai Cai Guoqing villagers think the compensation is too little, refused to receive compensation and went to Beijing to petition. Cai Guoqing’s daughter, Wang Yue, asks for help from Mr. Cai Yanfang. Wang Yue ordered Wei Deming to help with the matter. Wei Deming urged Cai Yanfang directly to Wuyang county Party Secretary, Mr. Qin Jianzhong. Wang Yue, Wei Deming also wrote a threat to the short message forwarded to the, forwarded by the number of times to the president of the Cai Yanfang to Qin Jianzhong. Wang Yue also helped write, modify the report letter, and arrange their 3 relatives and Cai Yanfang went to Beijing to petition, in order to achieve the standard number of petitioners, the impact of the 5 groups. Surprisingly, powerful victims did not immediately alarm, but the trustee intercede, to give up. Finally, I wish to provide the right method to Wei Deming by a steel company in Wugang city account transfers 2 million 600 thousand yuan. An Zhen Xin leadership commissioned by Qin Jianzhong, in addition to the price of 37 thousand yuan per mu of land compensation payment of the Cai Yanfang family, the other to pay 1 million 500 thousand yuan in exchange for Wei Deming not to blackmail Qin Jianzhong. Officials sacked 4 parties should be punished today, 4 of the two party secretary by the judge extortion case ", have accepted the law or discipline. In July 2013, I wish just to Deputy Secretary of Pingdingshan city CPPCC New District Party committee secretary office sacked". Court found that: I wish just to obtain property to others and illegally accepting a total of about 20 million yuan, can not explain the legitimate sources of huge.相关的主题文章: