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Visit Bohai in the depths of the migratory birds "stage" (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, October 25 Long Island Xinhua (reporter Cai Hongwen Yang Bing) the "sea mountains" of Shandong County in Long Island province is located in the depths of Bohai, unique geographical location makes Long Island become the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, Northeast Asia, East Asia migratory "station". Beijing reporters before the boat boarded Long Island, visited Bohai in the seat post migratory birds". From Long Island harbor for nearly an hour came to the big black township, migratory bird banding station is situated just outside the town of North Village of a hill. This is the only China banding stations as the main object of the Raptor Birdbanding base, 32 years a total of more than 8 bird banding wear here, leaving precious information migratory birds. The significance of protection of endangered bird banding banding is extraordinary, the metal ring wear international in the bird leg position, and then the birds flying through the registration, again capture or field observation on bird biology or ecology information. The reporter saw standing on the big black Shan bird banding, ridge cloth has long clapnet, the lower end of the network to form a pocket shape, the birds will hit the net after being captured. To complete the staff of banding birds in the shortest time, and then flying. Tourists flying. Cai Hongwen photo reporter interviewed are banding stations work of Zhao Fang, he engaged in banding has more than 30 years, the migratory habits, familiar, every bird looks, even each bird’s beautiful feathers, shape speak closely reasoned and well argued. Zhao said, every year in late August to the end of 10, from north to south of migrating birds will fly over the Gulf of Bohai through Long Island. This time the staff took turns in banding stations in small houses in banding. Last month they had more than 1000 bird banding. Reporters on the scene saw the capture of birds was temporarily put in some cut bottle plastic bottle, which is the operation of bird Instruments invent the local staff. Tour network, they captured the birds off, head down into the plastic bottle, back to the station in order to ensure the safety of bird banding. Flying owl. Photo by Cai Hongwen Zhao scene demonstration to reporters took the bird from the Internet, a copper ring to bird leg, banding process finally flying. Long Island Daheishan island has a unique topography, strange reefs and stone, on the island in the north of the village site is the eastern coastal Chinese currently found only large original village site, along with Xi’an Banpo, by archaeologists as "East Banpo China". Daheishan Island unique tourism resources to attract tourists all over the country backpackers. A reporter in the banding stations from Beijing Backpackers couple, they had participated in the flying birds, Daheishan Island trip left a good memory for them. (end)相关的主题文章: