Wait a year and a half, you can buy 14tb and 18tb Seagate hard drive (video)

Seagate is selling 10TB hard drive, priced at $400, the next will launch 14TB, 18TB hard disk, in 2020 to achieve the 20TB target.

(blue sky) before 2020, Seagate’s goal is to make the hard disk capacity of 20TB, and now it is moving towards the goal quickly.

Seagate executives at the earnings conference, said the next 18 months, the company will launch 14TB and 18TB hard disk, the current Seagate’s hard drive capacity is only 10TB.

Seagate CEO Steve (Stephen Luczo) Lu Zuo husband said, the company has been testing the 12TB hard disk, it is with helium technology development.

in general, companies need large capacity hard disk, and some willing to bear the high price of consumers will buy. Large capacity hard disk is generally configured with NAS method to form a memory array.

Seagate is selling 10TB hard drive, priced at $400. More and more PC to install solid state drives, solid state drives lower energy consumption, faster, and its market share is rapidly expanding.

in the PC and server markets still have hard disk space to survive because SSD prices are more expensive. If the user needs to store a large amount of data, the hard disk is appropriate, the limited capacity of SSD. In the data center, a large capacity hard disk has been replaced by tape memory.

in the consumer market, the demand is still very hard, Lu Zuo husband in the new field of hard disk, the demand is also increasing, such as monitoring field. Monitor the camera to store data in the hard disk. Some network storage services also use hard disk.

Seagate executives also said that the company is increasing the capacity of each hard disk, it is necessary to increase the minimum capacity of PC hard disk to 1TB. Most of the low volume market has been occupied by SSD. Ultra lightweight SSD installed PC capacity up to 256GB, a small number of PC is as high as 512GB, such as DELL XPS 13.

Seagate is famous for its hard drive, but it has become a leader in the SSD field. Last year, Seagate has demonstrated 60TB SSD, this year may ship.