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Wang Feng Jay Chou group alliance likes talking privately daddy movie game Wang Feng Jay Chou self Wang Feng Jay Chou Sina entertainment news 2016 "new song" China war has escalated, grab wars to team PK from the mentor, last season this year, the good voice mentor Wang Feng [micro-blog], Jay Chou is more familiar, and Taiwan the performance of a tacit agreement, was friends dubbed ‘Alliance ", they sometimes help each other, sometimes in order to grab the students into" fierce fighting". It is understood that two people become to grab the students "alliance" in Taiwan, the presence is also very close, the day before in an interview, they said the tacit understanding between them is because "belong to the classical music foundation", and to write a song for you. "We are lucky when exposed to classical music, classical music learning society is" the ability of music ", whether rock or rap music, because the music is actually the foundation of classical." When it comes to music, Wang Feng said: "Jielun’s" China wind "created a kind of aesthetic, his rap is actually the voice as an instrument, the melody and rhythm together, hearing very pleasant." Jielun first heard of Wang Feng’s creation, think "Oh well", the chord is very special. Jielun also said that his heart is not the same as the teacher Wang Feng: he does not like things, will be brave to fight back, his heart is very warm." Wang Feng and Jielun have a lot of resonance in the field of music, they can talk a lot of other things besides music. "We talk about movies, Jielun also dabbled in movie, I also love to watch movies in addition to music, there are games, Jielun love large network game, I love some casual games, in addition to music, we often talk about these very relaxing." Wang Feng said. "Wang Feng looks very serious, but it’s funny. I don’t know why he’s playing so many games!" Jielun revealed that the film is particularly good at guessing Wang Feng.相关的主题文章: