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Wang Jian "online" with 20 words: clear three words — the Internet, data and computing infrastructure as the Internet becomes the Sohu study generally like electricity, data has become the first human self creation resources, computing a public service after giving everyone the infinite creativity…… Dr. Wang Jian described in his speech is being "online" reconstruction of the world, but also in his eyes of the upcoming computing economy era, it is the wisdom of the 8 years since the appointment of Alibaba’s thinking of the. Wang Jian is Jack Ma in the doctor, in September 2008 joined the Alibaba group served as the chief architect of the post, responsible for the group’s technical architecture and basic technology platform. September 2009 to create the company’s president and CEO of cloud computing. In August 2010, led the team to build the YunOS, the establishment of a commercial operating system platform for mobile phones, cars, televisions, watches and refrigerators and other smart devices. Wang Jian was appointed chief technology officer of Alibaba group in September 2012. In 2014, won the "CCTV 2014 annual national top ten scientific and technological innovation" title.     8 years of practice accumulation, the accumulation of learning for 20 years, Wang Jian for the field of the Internet has its own unique observations and insights. He said: "the world is talking about innovation, popular new words emerge in an endless stream, but I think the most important three key words to make clear: the Internet, data and computing." In fact, Wang Jian also in his latest book, "online" in the three key words in depth. Today, the Internet has become the world’s economic and social development of the country’s infrastructure, has become an indispensable element of human development. When the Internet into infrastructure, all the people and companies are the natural growth in the Internet, there is no difference between the Internet Co and traditional companies, which will be in the process of social development as an important boundary between. Just as the road is the infrastructure, people walk, will produce footprints. The Internet as an infrastructure, people leave data after the application. Our daily activities are generated in the data, but the real value of the data we have today is not clear, as we have not exhausted the value of oil. Wang Jian also proposed "big data is wrong, in fact because the data is not large and the value, but because the online generated value, because the data can flow from its value in a wider range, this is a huge change in real data. Finally, Wang Jian concluded: because the Internet infrastructure, so that our data can be settled down and become our real natural resources. The value of the data is found by computing, cloud computing services to the public in the form so that everyone can get computing power needed by AlphaGo, twenty years ago by the computing resource monopoly of large companies today everyone can get." According to the issuer, Wang Jian’s new book "online" since October after the advent of the Internet and received extensive attention in academic world, has always ranked CITIC publishing house selling list, Wang Jian in the book of the words of the history of science and technology and the 8 years of the Internet is the real set相关的主题文章: