Warrior’s gate to create a super audio-visual entertainment Sohu – Hollywood music master to help ou candy boy

"Warrior’s gate" to create a super audio-visual entertainment Sohu – Hollywood music master, "warrior’s gate" in November 18th, the mainland release Sohu entertainment fantasy action blockbuster "warrior’s gate" file November 18th, in addition to cool visual effects, film also invited Hollywood’s biggest composer Claus Badelt personally soundtrack. A soundtrack to the magnificent, strong sense of rhythm, with a vision of the crisis fighting blood, creating a strong visual sense of the audience will dazzle. In order to film visual effects satisfy the audiences, "warrior’s gate" soundtrack composer Badelt personally penned by the Hollywood. In the picture request, he can create a magnificent classic music, not sticking to formalities. "Warrior’s gate" in Mark, Uriah Sheldon and Wu Zhenyu Baader for the creation of such adventures, smart free music, full of imagination. At the time, Mark guards Princess Ni Ni, Sheldon Wu Zhenyu and the Black Knights and wizards monster fighting, fighting the Barbarian King Dave – Batista, the soundtrack has turned into a strong sense of rhythm, the music of great momentum. In the "warrior’s gate", Badelt’s creative ideas will show the most incisive, exciting music to make an impression. Badelt is not only good at showing the momentum of orchestral music, but also the use of multi national musical instruments. "Warrior’s gate" in the fairyland has many races, Dryad, mountain fine barbarians and occupy a party, Baader will use a variety of folk music elements show their characteristics. As Hollywood’s first music creators, Badelt was the "Pirates of the Caribbean" "II" "X": popular music in the movie X-Men. From his participation in the works can be seen, Baader can put their own musical talent and the film magic, action, science fiction and other elements of the perfect combination. Prior to this, he was Pirates of the Caribbean, the creation of the soundtrack has also been included as one of the ten great momentum background music. I believe that in November 18th, the door of the brave, after the release, there will be an audience favorite BGM.相关的主题文章: