We have checked it for you, and Deng Chao is not in the film at all! (video) soulseek

We have checked it for you, and Deng Chao is not in the film at all! [Abstract] Deng Chao Zhang Yibai is not serious, the small fresh and look, and Zhang Jiajia’s pale light soup X wind perfect fusion, can be down to earth, not to play, but also a little cure. Tencent (the Li Xiaoya entertainment Zhuangao end edit "Wu) when passing from your world" from the beginning is not passing, is actually a mystery". First of all, micro-blog writer Zhang Jiajia and the combination of Deng Chao, it is too difficult to judge the type of the film. If Zhang Jiajia is the pale light soup X wind, how to ensure that the audience saw the naughty Deng Chao not a second play? If you follow Deng Chao’s style…… There’s no way to guess! You never know the super brother not serious and the deadline which comes first! Coupled with a "rush that year," director Zhang Yibai’s small fresh, the picture, think about acid. Three men in a drama: Director Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia but the movie is really a wonderful thing, it can put the three style and bust are different man knead in a reaction vessel, let them have the interesting chemistry: Yes, this is a let the light light X, not serious chicken soup and small fresh special harmony film. Harmony will make people believe that if the majority of people are so alive, in this era of soaring prices, they can not bear to carry crazy. First, the framework, the film is Zhang Jiajia’s story: micro-blog Deng Chao as radio DJ Chen Mo, once wunderkind, and later because of sudden and is thrown open, defeating reach level two levels of disability. Muddle along without any aim has been for many years, until the new girlfriend, girlfriend before the accident, also saw the people around all kinds of clutch, finally understand, or to talk about love, home or to the house or buy (this movie did not shoot, but the subtext you know). In addition to handsome, this character set is very easy to let the human empathy. Because it is generally not to collapse, young artists, is to become a literary youth people in this age group is to be sarcastic. But because of brokenhearted can collapse for several years, the front of an elongated, let a person sympathize with, that he is a baby, just refuse to grow up. In this way, the scene seems a little careless, but actually is a story about growing up. It is a typical growth story from the point of view of the strong man has been ex girlfriend that he used to forget, when the baby when well (with a dementia mom and two brothers on their own is not reliable, not straight to occasionally when a baby is difficult). Until he met a more naive new girl, he knew he could become a man, may be tired, but like drinking a kidney treasure, the more healthy ah. It is now accepted by many women, men do not understand too fancy encounter in the imagination of the prince charming, to earn more money. There is nothing wrong with self-defense. This is a movie, if Deng Chao like "rogue angel" then play Hi, some play, too retreat. But if he is like "sun burning heart" that hold more play, play, so take heart. Both will go to the same end: the audience to see love相关的主题文章: