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WeChat to buy mahogany sofa has the bug Lee purchase "mahogany" sofa has bug (shown in circles) Mr. Li Wen Guangzhou Daily reporter Jiang Yongtao Yunnan Qujing figure provided by the respondents in the WeChat and claiming to be a "Guangdong Zhu Rongju mahogany (Group) Furniture Co. Ltd. mahogany Seiko. Factory" customer service personnel about eight or nine months later, that everyone is familiar with, by WeChat to buy two sets of "mahogany sofa". However, after the arrival of the sofa, Lee found too many bug and nail holes, when he wanted to return, customer service staff will pull the black lead to contact. Insiders said that Mr. Lee is not purchased mahogany furniture, but solid wood furniture. Too many bug mahogany furniture, Mr. Lee told reporters that he has few friends of furniture, you are WeChat, so he will follow some attention in. In March this year, a friend recommended a claim to be "Guangdong Zhu Rongju (Group) mahogany furniture Co. Ltd. Seiko Fu rosewood factory" customer service personnel, the customer service staff are frequent in the circle of friends look at the furniture pictures, Li Xiansheng has been with the customer service staff to keep WeChat, talked about eight or nine months, I think with the customer service is very familiar with, so he decided to buy." Mr. Li said, he has two sets of sofa orders in October 30th, respectively, five sets and six sets, made of rosewood, customer service staff told him that rosewood is a mahogany, is a relatively cheap mahogany. November 3rd, after the arrival of the sofa, Lee found that the quality is too bad. The goods arrived home to find a sofa, tea table is a moth eaten serious problem, a serious side table foot tilt, large table seam sizes, large joints can put a finger!" The reporter saw Mr. Li in pictures, many bug simply let sofa, sofa and some even too horrible to look at "a palm where there are a dozen bug. Want to return Mr. Lee pulled the black out to buy the two sofas for the cost of 17280 yuan, in November 3rd received the goods, pay 1990 yuan freight. Lee began to negotiate with the business, but before the chat very good friends, but can no longer chat. "That customer service to pull me black, WeChat can not, the phone can not play." In desperation, Mr. Lee in accordance with the company’s registered address complaints to the relevant departments of Zhongshan. Zhongshan city in the town of industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers asked Lee to provide transaction documents, photos and other materials that buy goods. The industrial and commercial department investigation, two companies provided by the seller name, respectively is the Guangdong province Zhu Rongju (Group) mahogany furniture Co. Ltd. and Zhongshan Jinggong Fu Rosewood Furniture Co., through the commercial banking system to query the company label address "Zhongshan city in the town of new road No. 89," do not exist. Lee is a bank transfer to individual payment methods, can not find the complainant, so the industrial and commercial bureau of Lee’s appeal can not be accepted. Industry and commerce departments suggested that Lee found the seller or other way to report to the public security bureau. Experts concluded that the sofa material of non mahogany reporters yesterday to get a picture of the sofa after Lee, United Daily News相关的主题文章: