Wen Soviet ideology policy under the new economic policy jinshen

Smell: under the new economic policy of Soviet ideology policy [Abstract] for the Soviet regime, inspection and monitoring of the press and speech are unlikely to give up, the problem is in the new situation, this work is entirely to the people’s commissar of Education Department, or to give the power to the agitation and propaganda lattice Buu? Author: Wen (China history of the World Academy of Social Sciences researcher) under the new economic policy, Moscow’s largest private transaction market — "Suha Liefuka" market to become active. In the new economic policy after the implementation of specific measures of changes at the same time, in fact the Russian Communist Party (Brazzaville) the central leadership’s decision is also changing. In the field of intellectual and ideological issues the decision still wavered, lurking in the change of change. In the early times of the Soviet regime, the press, speech, propaganda, which is political ideology monitoring mechanism is complicated, the government system, military system, party, party a Cheka, have, in order to cope with emergencies and controversial events, also one after another and set up a special committee to processing. It is formed in the ideological monitoring, functions of the agencies is repeated, overlapping responsibilities unclear, all staff are complex and low efficiency of the. The implementation of the new economic policy, the policy changed significantly, with problems in the ideological field conditions, there is a very important debate and disagreement: open and liberal ideology to some degree as the economic field that, can not, and the essence of the intellectual policy, want to Bull J Vic’s arguments and disagreements should change accordingly. In the late winter of 1921 to the early spring of 1922 at the time, had a series of coordination and struggle between the Bolshevik party and leaders. For publishing, speech, propaganda agencies even own, a lone, ultra vires act phenomenon. In this regard, the state press is particularly prominent. The inspection of national survey of national press press can continue to exercise the function of inspection, also should not have the power to check to this organization? This is the result of the development of two different forces, the first is that the state does not relax the monitoring of ideology, the other is the formation of the trend of opening up and the ideological trend of freedom. At the same time as the implementation of the new economic policy (March 1921), the Political Bureau has set up a "Committee for the formulation of measures for the improvement of newspapers and publications", which is the chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China (Trotsky). Lunacharski s, December 30, 1921, the Council of Russian Writers Association, a group of writers wrote to him a letter of protest. In view of the writers and intellectuals of the national press examination of discontent and protest (see article twenty-fourth), and the national press also complaining, dissatisfied with the Soviet Party organizations, agencies and military agencies are also examined, to share its power, the Russian Communist Party (Brazzaville) Central Committee Political Bureau since November 1921 for a discussion of the political check problem. To the Political Department of the instructions listed in November 18th meeting of the Political Bureau of the record: "give meschers.相关的主题文章: