Wenzhou heavy rainfall in central Xiamen over 31 sites over 400 mm clonecd

Wenzhou heavy rainfall over Xiamen in 31 sites over 400 mm two days before yesterday, affected by the "Meranti" typhoon, town water diffuse water, the highest water level of beach road and reach 2 meters. It is reported that the 57 provincial double head in the design will be integrated into the disaster relief concept, along the road must be higher than a few meters on both sides of the road, the village. No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" a serious impact on Wenzhou. Yesterday, the city flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters and the relevant person in charge, the typhoon and typhoon disaster relief work, I told reporters. What are the characteristics of this typhoon? Although the typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen, but due to the typhoon developed, abundant water vapor, Heavy Torrential Rain in our city. One is the large amount of precipitation. The city’s surface rainfall 221 mm, the city has a total of more than 31 cubic meters of hydrological and meteorological stations cumulative rainfall of more than 400 mm. The national headquarters of the working group pointed out that the two typhoon rainstorm center, Wenzhou rainstorm center more rainfall than landed in Xiamen. Two is the precipitation intensity is strong. The strong precipitation echo continued into the same area, the formation of the train effect, resulting in many points of short duration precipitation close to or exceed the historical extremes, such as Xi Zhen Si Taishun one hour rainfall of 102.8 mm, Ya Yang Zhen three hours rainfall of 257.6 mm, more than 100 years; three is the rainfall mainly concentrated in the mountains. The mountainous terrain effect, low air jet stays for a long time, resulting in Taishun Sixi, three Quebec, Ouhai Zeya, sustained high intensity rainstorm in Yongjia Xixi and other places, causing basin floods and landslides. What is the situation in our city? More than the city’s historical floods and serious geological disasters, agriculture, water conservancy, electricity, transportation and other facilities are extremely serious losses. According to preliminary statistics, as of the evening of 16 to 6, the city has 9 counties (cities, districts) 105 towns affected, the affected population of 851 thousand people, 612 houses collapsed and severely damaged 378 houses, crops affected area of 26128 hectares, 17203 hectares of inundated area, an area of 3419 hectares of crops, highway interrupted 3051 a power supply, communication interrupt interrupted 403 times, 7 times, 1168 production enterprises, 3 billion 314 million yuan in direct economic losses. The typhoon also caused serious casualties, the death tolls of 10 people, 4 people missing. What do we do in Taiwan? First, the timely start plan. Since 13, Shifang Zhi Taiwan through consultation, 13 days 9 when to start anti typhoon emergency response level 4, 14, 12 level of grade 3, 15, 13 to 2, Taishun, Wencheng upgraded to 1. During the typhoon, typhoon at all levels of responsibility to cancel vacations, into the post in place, prepared to meet the challenge. Two is a hidden danger in advance. The organization to carry out geological disasters, flood hazard prone areas, the investigation of various types of reservoir ponds and other work, as of 16 May 9, the city at all levels has sent inspection teams to 833 groups of 2888 people, investigation and security risks 3526. Three is the implementation of personnel transfer. During the typhoon, the city transferred a total of 92 thousand and 300 people in various dangerous areas. Four is the scientific reservoir river. Before the typhoon, the city’s River Reservoir pre discharge 135 million cubic meters of water, spare enough capacity. Reservoir River during typhoon.相关的主题文章: