West Mu cultural and financial resources to promote the systematization of living pretty rhythm

Xi Mu: financial and cultural promotion of cultural resources, systematic living day before, by the Central Party School Press Agency, Chinese Art Institute, Shaanxi, the investment bank hosted the fourth session of Chinese cultural financial forum held in Xi’an. The meeting, Beijing from the Cultural Industry Research Institute released a financial product, by Chinese cultural industry intelligence research center, Xi Mu made "Chinese culture financial industry development research report," [2015], "the study of the assets held Chinese art" (,, Xi Mu, China Bookstore Publishing House) first type. As the academic forum hosted, in forum speech, Xi Mu around the theme of the forum pointed out that the development of cultural finance to attention and activation around the unique cultural resources and the transformation and the strategic perspective, to expand cultural and financial industry strategic consciousness, make good use of this unique cultural resource, as Chinese culture going out and make a positive contribution to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. West Mu believes that people’s understanding of cultural finance is the development of the cultural industry in depth. The development of cultural finance industry is the result of the continuous development of cultural industry. With the continuous development of the cultural industry in the process of development, with the continuous improvement of its industrial scale and industrial level, the demand for industrial finance is constantly raised. In this context, the cultural finance is constantly emerging from the theoretical and conceptual forms, is forming a highly strategic significance of the new format. At present, although the format is not very mature, also has the instability and strong exploration, but financial innovation and development of cultural industry, strategic pattern has been or is changing the internal motivation and the development of cultural industry Chinese. Especially in the past two years, with the rapid changes in the global political, economic, science and technology and society, whether it is the cultural industry and cultural financial industry, are facing a big change background, this change is reflected in the following three aspects: one is the China economic development has entered a new norm; two is a new opportunity and challenge The Belt and Road strategy; the three is "Internet plus" "culture +" this trend under the impetus of the cultural industries in the rapidly improving ability of fusion. In this context, the development of China’s cultural finance and its strategic position and role, has been recognized by people, especially people’s attention. Generally speaking, can be said that after the five basic stages: one is the stage of development of financial services and cultural industries; two is the culture + finance stage; three is the cultural and financial integration stage; four is the cultural and financial independence development stage; the five is the development stage of financial industry culture. So, whether it is the culture of the financial industry or the practice of cultural cognition, financial industry exploration, will be a relatively long process, the key is to avoid the cognitive and cultural argument on financial instruments to see financial innovation and development of culture, its essence is the integration with the discovery of the value of cultural resources. With the development and deepening of the study of Chinese cultural financial industry, it is also promoting the further practice and exploration of the frontier practice. At the same time, it also enriches the breadth and depth of Chinese cultural finance and its theoretical research. The development of cultural and financial industry to explore the crucial stage, we need to have s相关的主题文章: