Wetland hidden in the ancient country, Huzhou, this sightseeing with more winavi

Wetland hidden in the "ancient" Huzhou with the sightseeing attraction and more recently, a reporter from the Huzhou Deqing town of Deqing traveling along the Boulevard eastward. In the view, see a very ancient style tower, is the entrance to the wind wetlands tourism belt. Sitting on the Xiazhu Lake Wetland and thousands of years of history of the mysterious ancient ruins, windbreak wetland tourism zone at the beginning of the construction, will make people more of a look. From the beginning of Xia Ren 304 provincial highway intersection, with wind Wetland Tourism Zone landscape stretches 33 kilometers, Renhe Town of Yuhang District until the junction of Hangzhou city. Today, the first phase of the project has been completed, along the village one day more beautiful. In the near Xiazhuhu wetland along the river, two of two villages, this change is particularly evident. The pillow lake side of rural life with Zhu Lake Street Village along the river adjacent to the new changes under the Deqing Xiazhu Lake wetland, from the village went to the area just a few minutes, the villagers for generations in Lake pillow. This is a kind of rice, fish farming village. The most beautiful scenery along the river to the village, the village is contiguous to the lotus pond. "Then days hachisuba infinite Bi, lotus flowers in red", to the end of the summer, long past the lotus contests of the season, but in the days of green leaf, sometimes pink or white beautiful figure. Back in 2009, along the village began to village green, gradually formed a unique landscape of a king. Shutting down pig farms, the construction of the Central Park, the new river landscape, the completion of the sewage pipe network laying, beautiful rural construction step by step. The village Party branch secretary Ding Chunrong said, in March this year, the village of beautiful countryside construction again, ecological riparian, river port, green node, parking lot, bamboo fence and other landscape project started construction in succession. Due to the unique geographical advantages and good natural environment, more and more people have recognized the village along the river, also came to the village along the river. Villagers living in the lake, the lake has a new change. The farmhouse and guesthouse gradually developed. Jen along the highway, a dozen villagers opened a farmhouse, distinctive local Home Dishes attracted many visitors. The villagers Ye Miaoying home on the side of Xiazhuhu island in May this year, she resigned from the garment factory work, the home room opened a hostel – bird whistle from the inn, as the bird island guard. Ye Miaoying said, her out of the B & B is second village. "Every spring to Xiazhuhu wetland bird watching the tourists and photographers, although very much, out soon, very good business. Daughter has taken out a tour card, Saturday, Sunday will come to help with some of the scenic spots." Ye Miaoying smiled and said, their lives are inseparable with the Xiazhu Lake wetland. A town of natural scenery and ancient culture "strung wind crack country, opening day of xiazhuhu." Wetland natural scenery and ancient culture, in two villages have the most perfect fusion. In the two village street, ancient wind wall painting depicting the colorful, about thousands of years ago that mysterious country. The wind is the Han Dynasty in ancient Chinese myths and legends of the characters, the giants, three feet three feet high. The ancient China wind in Deqing County Xiazhu Lake area. In recent years, Deqing County is committed to the protection of wind culture. Beginning in 2013, held a grand "wind Culture Festival" in Xiazhu lake, autumn festival.相关的主题文章: