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When the reality into the game "fight" movie adventure through static mushroom Jun PA RPG "list of Japan Mobile Games fight mushroom Jun" official static film "dark eclipse wars" through the adventure game player officially opened the "Spartan" with a holy knight mood to copy of the game, but there has been a series of him the unexpected story, but the real hidden behind these anchaoxiongyong story is an epic war is quietly coming…… The first look at the handsome bear Qi, butterfly pig "and other well-known COSER in the" fight "in the movie mushroom King static wonderful makeup as the" fight "mushroom Jun official static film dark eclipse to bear, Yin Chuan Qi: Butterfly pig, Cang feather and other famous Coser along with the interpretation of mysterious adventure through the wonderful, compact story, intense different world battle, when you turned into a adventure into this game, and cursed is what feeling? I don’t know, but if things get worse, you can’t sit here and wait for death, only power is true! The game and the reality of the inferior wall are broken, and an unprecedented adventure is coming to you. "Fight" static "dark mushroom King Movie eclipse wars" series is about to open, COS Geleiliya finally bear Qi will go where? Who is defeated by the battle of the Dark Goddess? Pay attention to the official micro-blog, the post bar and other platforms, the adventurous plot first knows! Official WeChat: zdbmgj Baidu Post Bar: Battle bar mushroom Jun Sina micro-blog: @ battle bar mushroom King

当现实变成游戏《战斗吧蘑菇君》静态电影穿越冒险   日本霸榜级RPG手游《战斗吧蘑菇君》官方静态电影“暗之蚀战纪”穿越冒险正式开启,玩家“斯巴达”怀着一颗成为圣骑士的心情来到游戏副本中,却发生了一连串让他意想不到的故事,而真正隐藏在这些暗潮汹涌的故事背后,是一场史诗级的战争正悄悄来临……   接下来先一起来看看帅气的“熊祁、蝴蝶猪”等知名COSER在这次《战斗吧蘑菇君》静态电影中的精彩定妆照:   本次《战斗吧蘑菇君》官方静态电影暗之蚀战记携手熊祁、阴川蝴蝶猪、苍羽等知名Coser一起演绎神秘穿越冒险之旅,精彩而紧凑的故事剧情,紧张而激烈的异世界战斗,当你也化身为一名冒险者进入到这片游戏大陆,被诅咒是什么感觉?我不清楚,但是——如果事情变得更坏,总不能坐这里等死,唯有力量才是真实!游戏与现实次元壁被打破,一场前所未有的冒险正在向你走来。。。   《战斗吧蘑菇君》静态电影“暗之蚀战记”连载即将开启,熊祁COS的葛雷利亚最后会走向哪里?光暗女神之争孰败孰胜?关注官方微博、贴吧等平台,冒险剧情抢先知道!   官方微信:zdbmgj   百度贴吧:战斗吧蘑菇君   新浪微博:@战斗吧蘑菇君相关的主题文章: