Who said that Chinese medicine must be bitter to eat

a lot of people see Chinese medicine, the most afraid of is to eat traditional Chinese medicine. "People talk about Good medicine is bitter." is the first reaction of traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, the traditional Chinese medicine can not eat bitter. Some hospital launched a new business — water pills, capsules prescription processing, eat not to spoil the decoction of Chinese medicine decoction or take the trouble, you can ask the professionals to help you "conversion" form.

forms of Chinese medicine is very rich, in the treatment, "Tang Li Wan San Dan", "extraterritorial, iron bath cream powder". So how to choose a variety of formulations, all to treat the actual disease, vary. Such as decoction, it is the most commonly used clinical. Because the decoction has the absorption characteristics of fast, rapid action, and flexible, so the suitable disease condition is anxious and the urgent need to clean up pathogens or support ". But for chronic diseases, the need for long-term medication, this form is somewhat distressing. In addition, the decoction is not easy to carry, if long-term travel or go abroad, medication is quite troublesome. In contrast, solid preparations are much more convenient.

Advantages and disadvantages of

water pill:

if it is made of water, usually the patient will take 1 weeks to get their own medicine. With the doctor’s prescription to the pharmacist, they will according to the prescription herbs crushed into fine powder or extract made with clean water, medicine, juice or other liquid as adhesive agent (wetting), small ball made of a diameter of 2mm ~ 4mm shaped water pills.

The complexity of

processing in water pills, making prescription and not all are the same. Get a doctor’s prescription, Chinese Medicine Division will go to analysis, see what there are herbs, herbs because different processing methods are not the same, such as some grass is not suitable for medicinal powder, can extract, extract as adhesive processed into pellets.

water pills made up although troublesome, but for patients, but it is very convenient to use. After the water pill is taken, the disintegration of the gastrointestinal tract is slow, and the drug is released gradually, and the effect is lasting. So, for chronic disease or chronic illness in frail health after disease, Qi and blood, the water problem is a good choice.

capsule pros and Cons:

and tonic medicine is the most suitable to make capsule. According to the prescription prescribed by the doctor, the capsule is processed into a fine powder or an extract, and is prepared by mixing and processing in an empty capsule. Because the capsules can mask the bitter taste and smell of drugs of discomfort and make it clean and beautiful, easy to swallow, and the bioavailability of the drug is high, and can improve the stability of the drug, so welcomed by patients. Because the process is more complicated than the pill, so the processing price will be higher. At present, Chinese medicine herbs for nourishing the fine powder directly into the capsule, such as Cordyceps, ginseng, etc. 37.