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Travel-and-Leisure Before you reach any of the tier 1 cities in India, such as Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Cochin and Coimbatore it is important you know that tourists visiting these destinations dont know their way getting around the places; and so the wisest thing to do is to go for car rentals and hire a cab. There are many Taxi for rent operators in these cities who could be at your service right from airport transfers in all of the aforesaid cities. While the cities could well be within 100 km radius there are many attractions within the radius and a little beyond the distance and the easiest way to get around would be to have a cab handy, particularly all the time and you can plan to visit any of the destinations anytime you feel like. Car rentals serve the purpose and it saves much of your time waiting for a cab and also embarrassment of go asking whether it is hire a cab service to every cab you see on the road. No matter how rich you are it doesnt make sense to ship your car to an alien place and buying a new car and driving also sounds silly. While there could be some legal binding on one side, its not also the practical thing as the driving etiquette and traffic rules could put you off and steal away the pleasure of visiting places in the first place. But in case you are planning to .e and stay at these cities for a considerable amount of time buying a car; pre-owned one could work. Else give up the thought of owning car to get around. So there is reliable public transport, you may ask. Public transport works cheap, but even the locals stopped considering it to be reliable. There is no guarantee you reach the destination on time and you would simply lose the opportunity of small pit stop destinations that may between two destinations. And going to and from the bus or rail station to your ac.modation could be a drain on your time and wallet. By booking a hire a cab service or taking car rentals you can go right from your doorstep and spend as much time you would like at any destination. There are many cheap car rentals, taxi for hire options you can look into should you like to have great time visiting these places. Not only does the car rentals and hire a cab services make your traveling so much practical, but they also make the trip so much flexible. Implying you can visit all the must see attractions any time of the day and go to any place no matter how far it is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: