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Why can the university campus be exploited by the swindler? Beijing – ice Kai Jiaxing Zhejiang Nanhu District People’s court before the trial with the use of the campus of Wuhan University independent recruitment fraud. Prosecutors accused the defendant Lingmou from 2010 to 2012 together with others for the relevant university degree of defrauding 899 thousand yuan, from 2012 to 2014, Lingmou, Lee to the so-called "Wuhan University independent recruitment" for the parents of 24 students in a total of about 4200000 yuan. According to investigators, more than 20 students parents believe that an important reason for 150 thousand yuan can take Wuhan University "regular undergraduate diploma" is that payment are carried out in Wuhan University college office or in the library of Wuhan University; part of the students live in the dormitory, with ordinary undergraduate school together; each year is charged 10 thousand yuan, 4000 yuan of tuition and accommodation. According to reports, the reason being cheated students can at the Wuhan University to complete the payment, in the student dormitory, even the school and undergraduate students together, because the Wuhan University teachers family members involved, liyingwaihe. But the problem is that the university campus is just innocent use? The teacher family, how have so much ability, so much. Fix the school department? These departments in the students to apply for a student card, arrange for students to attend classes, examinations can only rely on the relationship and not to comply with the rules? This in itself does not mean that the school management there is a serious omission? For this "independent recruitment fraud case, not only the criminal responsibility of fraud of the operator, the University as a" victim "should also pursue the school school is informed, and the school existing in the management and oversight, only close the loopholes, strict management, not only to the scammers can take advantage of the machine. In fact, the case of fraud, if left with the relevant departments of Wuhan University, it is difficult to operate successfully. According to the Wuhan University undergraduate admissions office and the relevant person in charge of the logistics department, Wuhan University does not exist in any country outside the admissions policy enrollment. Wuhan University campus student apartment students open to regular undergraduate, graduate students only, including foreign to Chinese students, other students may not live in the student apartment. So, how can so many planned enrollment of students to report to the school, to live in the school dormitory, class together with other students, this in a university, is how to do? An ordinary teacher’s family can do? Usually, this can only be achieved after the approval of the school leaders and the departmental coordination meeting. Without the approval of the leadership, coordination of various departments, there are individuals or institutions, with the interests of one by one to clear the various departments, but because of involving many departments, the school movement, if not, it is quite hard. Therefore, from the fraud case analysis involves so many students, is unlikely to be just a teacher in the school family operation, there may be informed, but if the school informed, there may be behind the bigger scandal, namely the school school (school or institution) can operate the part-time students into full-time students, grant full-time Diploma, profit from. The report also mentioned that, for example, the promise of these students graduate students.相关的主题文章: