Why Chaoshan has so many big boss k-boxing

Why Chaoshan has so many big boss? The founder of [Abstract] only Guangzhou and Shenzhen speak Chaozhou billion enterprise have: Zhu Mengyi, Lai Haiming, Huang Chulong, Yao Zhenhua etc.. Recently, Yao Zhenhua Vanke and fight fiercely, digital Chaoshang gangster active site expression meant to help. It would be hard to do this, if it were elsewhere, even if it was impossible to make money. That year, Wong Kwong Yu and Chen Xiao for the director of Gome session powers, the Wong Kwong Yu family turned to Shantou fellow, a short time to raise 2 billion yuan. Life in the Chaozhou Shantou area of Chaoshan people about about 10000000, in the Chaozhou Shantou outside China about about 10000000 people, has about 10000000 overseas Chaoshan people, basically each accounted for 13. According to the research found that Shenzhen has 4 million chaoshanese. It can be said that a tide where there is a trendsetter where there is money, chaoshang. Look at the rich overseas Chinese of Chaoshan Natives — from the richest Li Jiacheng in the global field of vision, Thailand is Xie Guomin, Thailand’s richest man Su Xuming, Hongkong Lim Por-yen, Joseph Lau these ultra billion big spender from chaozhou. Only Guangzhou and Shenzhen about the founder of Chaozhou billion enterprise are: Zhu Mengyi, Lai Haiming, Huang Chulong, Yao Zhenhua etc.. Remarkable outstanding entrepreneurs are: Huang Chubiao, Huang Guangmiao, Huang Zhenda, Huang Maoru, Huang Shizai, the Huang clan prosperity, Zhu Dingjian, Zheng Kanghao, Li Yibiao is the two rich generation transformed into a two generation; Qiu Hanhui, Gong Junlong, Wu Yuangang transformation upgrade; Guo Ying rebound ability is a myth; what love Yaohou occupation managers; Qiu Jiaru carry forward the traditional clan culture and so on. In particular, to mention a man is the father of the penguins and the emperor of WeChat Ma Huateng, young, this year a donation of over ten billion. Special mention of the city is about half of the real estate sector in Shenzhen — Shenzhen Shan Ji boss accounted for the big boss get together. Why are there so many Chaoshan big boss? Why Chaoshang enduring? What are the soft power of Chaoshan people make it a miracle? Please Chaoshan boss Yao Feng Lun about Wang Shi’s office to talk about things, Wang Shi is a major shareholder of Vanke when you born vegetables do not deserve, Yao boss still patiently to talk about more than 2 hours, and then left without a word. Chaoshan people love hard: I found more to fight the soft power through a comparative study, Chaoshan people in the field to thrive, than in other places, people are more likely to succeed. A Chaoshanese strive for progress with determination. Three Heaven, seven by hard work, they start from a stall, from dawn to dusk, the sun and rain, chased everywhere there, knowing that mountain tiger, undeterred! Two Chaoshanese cultural soft power in action. Chaoshan people life purpose is very clear, the ancients had summarized as: self, family, country and the world! Self and family, in a sense, Chaoshan people do strange (I am going to some place to elaborate). Chaoshan culture contributes to the strength of the group, this is what will produce a theory of Sociology in the individual interesting forces can never win groups in the unconscious forces. This is a group of spontaneous Baotuan force. Chaoshan people business, is almost always start from the bottom: Li Jiacheng had apprentice, Lim Por-yen did toil such stories).相关的主题文章: