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Why do children love to lie? 99% is for these reasons! Sohu maternal and child still remember the fairy tale that the nose will become a long Pinocchio? Every time he lies, the people around him will immediately notice. Many parents also found in life, the child has grown into a "Pinocchio"". One parent says so: the son is nearly 4 years old. Recently, a period of time. Suddenly he was lying. I just watched TV, he insisted that no; looked at him accidentally broke the toy, he said he did not ask. Most of the time parents will be "lying" and "bad boy" linked together and found that the baby will be particularly angry when lying. Please don’t lie with the child’s quality will be equated, in fact, lying is a normal phenomenon in the process of the growth of children. Before the parents blame the child, we must understand: "why children lie?" Children’s words and facts do not match, there are reasons for their cognitive and thinking, but also by the parents of the unconscious model or improper education methods. "Parenting" to educate themselves, in front of the "lie" label for children, parents should understand children, into the spiritual and emotional world, at the same time, the way of education to be good at summing up, reflection and change. Britain’s latest research results show that: when the baby first 6 months old will begin to lie. Acting is one of the earliest methods of deception. Even if everything is normal, the baby will win the attention in this way. They will be suspended, see the mother has no reaction, and then decide whether to continue acting. This phenomenon shows that the baby can distinguish between what behavior can be effective. The baby will soon find acting and pretending to laugh to arouse people’s attention. 8 – month – old babies use more sophisticated techniques of deception, such as covering up their parents’ forbidden activities, or trying to distract their parents. Two year old children may use more indirect techniques, such as parents are ready to impose a light punishment, bluff. Behavior experts found that a simple trick to help the baby in the slightly larger when learning how to make up more complex lies. Reason 1 children lying unknown children less than 3 years old, the concept of time and space, the number of characters, the relationship is vague, often say "false." I don’t know, for example, they might have previously referred to as "yesterday". 2 escape punishment, in most cases, the child is lying in order to escape punishment, such as test scores are not ideal, afraid of parents punish naughty trouble. 3 imitate adults and children will sometimes see the parents or the TV lying on the lens, they can not restrain curiosity, followed by learning. 4 some children accepted rich imagination, description of things, often with their own imagination scenes, characters, to show off their hit off. 5 expression of confrontation with the child lying, and parents interfere too much, such as children do homework, a moment to call him to drink water, and then call him to eat snacks, children are very impatient,.相关的主题文章: