Why do we love to play the game screenshots In addition to sharing also because good-looking!-w-inds.

Why do we love to play the game screenshots? In addition to sharing also because good-looking! A few years ago, when the PS4 is not to provide the power game player game screen interception function, why do we always have great trouble with their own camera shooting game screen, in order to send to the social networking site to see other game player? Because the game screen is also very fun to play ah! If you would in one day in the future to see your photos, this feeling is like looking like old photo album. You may see it is the first time in the "radiation 4" into the diamond city scene, or in the "alloy equipment" you just got D-Dog. The memories of the games, as they slowly look back, will find that all the efforts we have made are of great significance. These photos are also a record of your game skills, you may be able to get their own high score screenshot sharing to other players. Beat you in the "blood curse" in Gus Gou en the moment the priest permanently preserved, can also share your win in the "FIFA16" in honor to give the game player who, later researchers demonstrate their honor is a very proud thing ah. In addition, we also can’t forget the most important screenshots of the one reason – the scenery is good. I am playing the "The Witness" have a habit of not decryption, running around to see the scenery, adjust the angle of a shot, first take a picture of it. I don’t want to open a new area until I don’t decrypt it. Looking for a beautiful landscape, combining a variety of meaningful objects together to form a beautiful picture for me is a decryption. Naughty dog in the mysterious sea 4 also specially prepared for the players to take pictures of the photo mode. How can you get a good picture of the quality of the wallpaper on the screen or a game in which the player controls the HUD helmet? That’s all we have to improvise. "BioShock infinite" will be very difficult to put the game player with weapons, only in order to transfer ammunition within a short time to get the right picture. Battlefield 4 pause and stop the function is very easy to use, this time the game interface will disappear in a short time. The role is in the way? I am in the "Assassin’s Creed: Lawrence" and "life" in the singular choice against the wall mobile role, method to hide the role to get the best effect by rotating lens. Taking pictures in the game taught me the art of solving problems. In fact, sharing the game screen also extends the life of the game. I order in "Batman: looking for the right camera angle to spend a lot of time the game Agam Knight" Gotham City, then in order to be able to shoot the vivid heroic hero repeatedly in the challenge mode. Occasionally I will open the "journey" to find the simple beauty, the most time-consuming once spent me four hours. Multiplayer is the most difficult. Looking for the stars in the war in the "destiny", sometimes feel like a war correspondent, when you finally finish the photos.相关的主题文章: