Why is the commercial center so popular with the anime IP theme show synnex

Why is the commercial center so popular with the anime IP theme show? 80, after 90 consumer highlights enjoy life, personal value realization and quality, grade". The line from the point of consumption, with consumers in the city ten years income level rising, their consumption concept and consumption patterns have changed, the spirit of consumption and experience in the proportion of the more and more consumption. Consumer shopping consumption is no longer just concerned about the commodity itself, but more and more attention to the consumer environment, atmosphere and mood, more concerned about the overall experience of shopping consumption. Anime beauty of Chen Xinchong to become a commercial present, animation "IP" as the theme of the novel "exhibition marketing" quickly bring a lot of people in the shopping center, has experienced several "brush popularity" after the exhibition, some brand shopping center will even set up a special team responsible for the exhibition and sale of advertising. Such as joy, Cade, Swire, Huarun and Longhu have occasion to play a potential "marketing myth. So, why the commercial center will be so popular with the anime IP theme exhibition? We can simply summed up the following points: 1 fans growth: the shopping center has enough space to play advantage, through the theme of the exhibition quickly gathered popularity, with the influence and effect of fans of animation itself, expand the influence of the mall, and the transformation of consumer shopping malls. 2 brand promotion: shopping malls need not only stable flow and popularity, but also need some additional things to enhance their brand image, so that commercial space becomes lively and interesting. 3 merchant sales: the flow of people to bring the exhibition also allows businesses to have more business opportunities, through the design of the theme store and the creation of new formats, to create a longer stay mall consumer reasons. We can through some typical commercial center to feel that they are the anime theme exhibition brought a kind of influence, here we do a case analysis of data: Shanghai joy & of the exhibits include the size of the ultra realistic geometric reality movie role model, hundreds of movie props, weapons and armor. All from overseas original delivery to China, the scene also wearing VR equipment experience personally on the scene. "World of Warcraft" theme of the film during the exhibition in Shanghai City, the mall traffic grew 143.7%, sales rose 15%. Shanghai Takashimaya & Chibi Maruko: to commemorate the "Chibi Maruko" animation launch large-scale exposition organized by the 25 anniversary of the Expo, with 5 floors, covers an area of 2000 square meters, the largest "cherry" exhibition. All galleries around the theme of the dream to build, in addition to the original continuation of the original classic based on the original, games and interactive content. During the Expo brought the average daily traffic of 16 thousand passengers, an increase of 60% compared to weekdays. Chaoyang joy & A Doraemon: 100 1:1 ratio of A dream in Beijing Chaoyang joy Front Gate square. Chaoyang City Promotion Department Deputy Director Wen Juan said that during this period the Chaoyang joy overall passenger 45% increase.相关的主题文章: