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Sports-and-Recreation Why not some adventurous sport Polo is catching the city lots attention Its time to take a break from work, boys! Seriously, we all need some exhilarating time and what could be better than playing a little polo or riding a horse in the countryside? Imagine moving the polo ball down-field on horseback, hitting the ball through the goal posts and score! The very thought is exciting, isnt it? If you thought we did not have polo grounds and clubs in Hyderabad, you are wrong. There is a polo ground right in the heart of Greater Hyderabad in Secunderabad and many others on the outskirts. The game is interesting. Each polo team comprises four players and they change direction after each goal. The ground is pretty huge – generally 300 yards long and 160 yards wide. The time of the game is one hour and a half divided into seven minute chukkers. Two mounted umpires do the watching, while a referee at midfield has final say in any dispute between umpires. Polo lovers can join clubs that are many in the twin cities. Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club (HPRC) is one that polo enthusiasts could try. Sprawled over 10 acres at Aziz Nagar on the outskirts of the city, the club has lush lawns and is equipped with quality stables, a flood-lit riding arena, well-maintained flood lit arena polo field and a swimming pool. The club has 28 well-mannered horses for hacks and polo. By enrolling in HPRC, you can enjoy riding, attend polo classes, take part in competitive polo or just go on a breathtaking cross country ride along the banks of HimayatSagar Lake! No doubt, Arena Polo is extremely exciting and a great spectator sport. If you have the right trainer, you can quickly learn proper hitting techniques and also improve your horse riding skills. An HPRS membership costs Rs.50,000 per head. Annual membership for a dependent is Rs.1,000 per head. Major horse riding clubs in Hyderabad are Horse Riding in Hyderabad Odyssey Wonder at Hitech City, Great Hyderabad Adventure Club at Masab Tank, Crossfire Paintball at Patancheru, Greenfields at Koti, Freakouts at Hyderguda and Event Authors at Vidyanagar. So, get set and hit the ball! ..localsecrets.in/hyderabad/magazine.cfm/why-not-some-adventurous-sport About the Author: 相关的主题文章: