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Advertising Conventionally the theme is paper which is supposed to symbolize the strength obtained from the interlocking fibres. The modern take on this is a clock for reasons to do with timeless, eternal love. The precious metals/gemstones associated with the first wedding anniversary are gold jewellery, pearls or peridot. The associated colour is gold or yellow and the relevant flower is the orange blossom or pansy. Gift ideas include a photo album, .memorative newspaper, wedding day chart, personalised poem, share certificate, movie/concert ticket, photograph by a professional photographer, subscription to a favourite magazine; have a star named after a loved one or a clock. Traditionally cotton gifts are given because cotton has always been associated with prosperity and durability. The modern gift theme is china. The relevant gemstone is Garnet, and the associated colour is red. If you are going to give flowers then the go for Cosmos. Invitations to an anniversary party should be sent out at least four weeks in advance of the celebration. An invitation does not imply the need for a gift. Indeed many couples are un.fortable about receiving gifts and often request that no gifts are given by the guests at their anniversary, perhaps they feel they dont really need anything or they may not want their guests to feel obliged. It is important that you try and respect their choice, but if you insist on giving a gift, it is advisable to do so after the event so as not to embarrass the hosts or the other guests who did not bring a gift. Generally it is not deemed good etiquette to ask for a monetary gift although asking for a small contribution towards a .memorative gift such as a tree or sundial is a nice way of getting around this. If traditional gifts are given it is normal for the couple to open them later rather than during the celebration, although again this is down to personal choice. Personalised gifts make great anniversary gift ideas as the personal touch makes the present much more meaningful. If a personalised gift is to be given it is often more usual to include the number of years married plus the couples names rather than the date of marriage. The seating of guests at an anniversary party is really down to personal taste although traditionally the oldest son sits beside his mother and the eldest daughter beside her father with the best man or maid of honor from the couple’s wedding day and with their respective spouses also seated at the main table. Normally a short speech of some type is expected even at a very informal affair. Often one of the children says a few .plimentary words about their parents and this is followed by a response by one or both members of the couple in order to thanks the organizers etc. Personalized Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent source of educational value for children of all ages. This is because to .plete a jigsaw involves the child using several different aspects of the thinking process. This article will explain how you can use puzzles with very young children to accelerate their learning development. Luggage tag holders are a great option for keeping track of not only your luggage, but many other items as well. A holder is typically made of plastic. You can get them customized in many different shapes, sizes and designs. All you have to do is slide your business card or identification card into the slot in the luggage tag holder. Black and brown are the most popular colors for these products. Each one will .e with a strap or chain that will allow you to fasten it to your item of choice. Many people will have their .pany or school logo customized on these holders. In reality the sky is the limit. You can have your favorite sports team design as well. These tags can be manufactured to meet your individual lifestyle. Of course, the most important thing to remember is that these holders will make it so much easier to identify your belongings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: