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Why watch "grand track"? Wu Yifan: you can go to the cinema to see me! – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Huang Yating Wu Yifan) yesterday in Wuhan, unveiled a shopping mall to meet with the audience, and even run BELLE palace eight studios. Meet the scene, one to five floor are full of people, the Wuhan evening news reporter learned that, in addition to a lot of local fans sister, there are a lot of people from Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Harbin and other parts of the country have come to Wuhan to see Wu Yifan. There are fans in order to seize the favorable terrain onlookers, 11 am to the mall waiting, and the meeting will start at 4:30 pm, and so on more than 5 hours. Despite the appearance of only 15 minutes, Wu Yifan attentive to each floor of the fans waved, let everyone pay attention to safety, it is a considerate love beans. He also put a scene of "grand track" posters in the shape of silver, this role, Wu Yifan’s interpretation is: "in fact, hot cold dust." Give yourself some performance in the film? Wu Yifan thought for a moment, just replied: "I don’t know, to see it all". The first time to play the motion capture film, he said is quite novel, "always wear black tights, with sister Bing Bing (Fan Bingbing) opponents play more, not the real scene, all rely on their own imagination to show." Give you a look at the "grand track" reason? Wu Yifan said: "you can go to the cinema to see me!" Carter, the scene many sisters immediately buy it, a loud scream. The Wu Yifan to Wuhan to do theater meeting, not showing "grand track" into the film, but the film footage. Previously, movies often show a meeting with the chief meeting. But this does not affect the ticket, basically sold out. Fans are simple purpose: is to look at idol ah! "Grand track" lineup also includes the most basic red idol, it seems, Guo Jingming’s determination to create a carnival fans.相关的主题文章: