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Software Leaders in the software industry base their decisions of marketability of a product and project implementation only after a proper evaluation through software testing methods. Software quality assurance has become an important concept among the bigger companies and often constitute as much as forty percent of their software development budget. Till some time back it used to be only the bigger fishes in the market that were aware of and paid any heed to software testing. Now, however, companies in the small and medium size segments in Kolkata have also realized the need for software quality assurance and are building up their teams to warrantee quality performance of the software applications built by them. The Software Testing Industry Is Booming Like in all other nascent industries, the growth in the software testing industry of Kolkata is tremendous and at all times there is a huge gap between the number of professionals in the market and the number of professionals required. A lot of institutes in and around Kolkata have started offering course modules on software testing and it makes sense for you to join the bandwagon. If you know and have used a programming language before and are interested in functioning of software applications, you"re probably the right person to be studying the art and science of software quality assurance. Although, many programmers move directly into software quality assurance without previous experience, this is not the right way. Software testing needs proper hands on training and rigorous practise, and if you want to tap the opportunities in this industry you should work towards getting certification in this field. Software quality assurance has two distinct methodology or practice""automated testing and manual testing. Automated Testing Vs. Manual Testing Conventionally, setting up, implementation, and report generation of a software testing process is essentially manual. However, now there are available software programs that can automate the task of testing. Automated testing involves relying completely on software applications and may not be a very good idea. Companies need to look at project priorities before deciding on either manual testing or automated testing. To be able to judiciously decide on automated or manual testing, things that have to be kept in mind are: ‘The amount of effort that is required to devise manual tests ‘The amount of effort that will go into setting up automated tests ‘The number of times that test has to be run ‘And, the possibility of that test being of use in future projects The complexity of testing software applications, the absolute impossibility of comprehensive testing, and the fact that optimal testing methods differ depending on projects makes software quality assurance an interesting field of study and implementation. Join this interesting new field of study and reserve your place in the ever-growing industry! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: