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William Feng Jing Bairan Zheng Jinji Baihua actor   a Book exposing the film 5 years removed from the scenes — people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn people.com.cn September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Yan) the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers award presentation ceremony will be held in Hebei in Tangshan City province in September 24th. The movie "old gun", "dragon tactic", "sun burning heart", "Wolf Totem", "Ji", "catch demon fuck off! Feng Xiaogang, Huang Bo, William Feng, the best actor, and so on, and so on, are the best films of the film, such as the king of the tumor, and so on, and they are the best actor in the world, such as the best actor, the best actor, the best actor, and so on. Among them, William Feng with "Wolf Totem" for the first film festival winner seats. In the new "edge" in the autobiographical essay, he also to the public for the first time about his filming of "Wolf Totem" in many unknown stories behind. The upcoming Huang Bo William Feng popular movie award winner with the fight with Chinese popular movie hundred flowers movie awards, Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award and said China movie awards three. In September 24th this year, the thirty-third popular movie hundred flowers award ceremony will be held in Hebei, Tangshan City. This position is "Audience Award award". The final attribution of the award will be voted by 101 public judges. In the live hundred flowers awards ceremony, the judges will vote on the spot according to the way of voting, selected the popular movie Hundred Flowers Award Best Award winners. At present, the award nominations have been announced. "Dragon tactic" "remember" catch demon "dear" the harvest six nominations, "the wolf" "old gun" with 5 nominations followed. Bai Baihe, Xu Qing, Yu Nan, Zhao Wei, Hsu Chi, Huang Bo, Feng Xiaogang for best actress, William Feng, Deng Chao, Jing Bairan for best actor. It is worth mentioning that, in the fierce competition in the best actor nomination, the 5 candidates are nominated for the best actor award for the first time, who can pull out the talent shows itself in 5, the top winner, also let the best actor for the most anticipated audience. William Feng’s autobiography listed disclosure of "Wolf Totem" behind the scenes story of five best actor nominee, William Feng in the Sino French co production of "Wolf Totem" nomination. In the recently released the latest autobiography "edge" in the essay, he showed more "Wolf Totem" the story behind the unknown to the reader. Including the first wolf worry when, 39 degrees fever, but in order not to delay the progress of the classic drama crew insisted on shooting, wolf horse war, 200 horses on the night of the storm 35 wolf epic scenes, and Arno’s friendship between old and young people. William Feng writes: "looked weak Cecil grow slowly and gradually become the protagonist of the film, reminiscent of their ten years of hard work, always can not help but have a cable and the West with the fate of feeling." From the beginning of "Hongmenyan", entering the film industry for more than 5 years, from a few scenes but wonderful actor alone to lead, as a result of the "Wolf Totem" nomination, William Feng seems to verify that the actor on the road what he called "step by step" toward the first for his own goal. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: