Winter wedding guests Winter Wedding note-ratatouille

Winter wedding guests attention new winter wedding wedding is mainly hosted the winter cold weather inconvenience, but a lot of work in the field and other reasons must be in the winter wedding couples, such as the use of home during the Chinese new year held a feast to thank the newcomer, is inevitably affected by the weather. Talk about the wedding and wedding here in winter, especially in some matters and hospitality for the guests attention. 1, wedding venue: a lot of new wedding hotel reservation is often in the spring and summer seasons, so be sure to consider the heating. And in the winter wedding, outdoor wedding in any case is not suitable. 2, heating measures: some wedding hotel in order to save energy, so only when there is a meeting and reception to open heating equipment, so people should arrange hotel opened in advance heating duct to supervise, best can provide additional heating measures for the elderly, will let the wedding guests feel the new hospitality. 3, welcome area can be set: the wedding dessert has become popular dessert area, can arrive at the hotel waiting for guests to taste before opening. In the Winter Wedding Crafts mymay suggests that couples should prepare some of the heat is sufficient and the best equipped with hot dessert area, will be more popular wedding guests. 4, the wedding and wedding atmosphere color transfer: if you choose to hold the wedding in winter, long married couples choose network proposal warm wedding will be better, such as Chinese wedding, of course, how to still want to choose new white, blue, green and other colors of the cold wedding color, so long marriage network suggest that the best newcomer choose a lively more unrestrained wedding ceremonies to arouse the wedding atmosphere, or several distinctive performances is also a good choice. 5, friends and relatives, especially the bridesmaid need to take care of: do not patronize the bride wedding day to help take care of Oh, friends and relatives especially bridesmaid is very hard, the bride usually wears Qi or long dress, so the legs can wear thick, bridesmaid much short Bridesmaid outfit, so it is more cold. You can choose the same color as the bridesmaid long Bridesmaid Dress oh. 6, winter wedding gift: if we can choose a wedding with warmth in the winter wedding, so the wedding guests will leave more memories of the couple, such as utility or stove warm baby can let guests couple sit up and take notice. China is a state of ceremonies, long married Xiaobian think the couple in the wedding held in winter may wish to consider, will make the wedding more successful. Although there are drawbacks in winter wedding, but if you can do a good job in the new heating and wedding colors and atmosphere to adjust the wedding, you can let the guests feel the hospitality of the new couple, the wedding will be more successful.相关的主题文章: