Without egg! Game life author Tucao Animation School ravbin

Without egg! The growing influence of "game of life", the author Tucao more animation animation school now, I believe many fans are also eager to hope that they can join the industry? As a result, some people may choose to enter the animation school to learn, in order to obtain the skills in this area. But recently, the NO GAME LIFE NO game life, the author is in the twitter Tucao: these schools have no eggs. @yuukamiya68 "no,, @ Jia palace, and, and, in 9, lumira senbai I said many times…… If you do not understand fashion and design, then go to the animation school in the end what is the use? It’s not because they seem to be a great lecturer to stand there, because they can’t get on the line? How to learn from the three stream of first-class technology? You wake up." In this regard, many netizens commented: "it’s very reasonable ah, a few famous cartoonist is out of school." "It’s a lot of talent, but I don’t think it’s good to learn basic knowledge." The Brazilian is also on the map gun, beware of being besieged oh." So you fans, do you agree with him?相关的主题文章: