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Wonderful developers: 3 years of development of 13 games only earned 4500 yuan in 2013, with the mobile gaming industry blowout, many people are beginning to join the army Mobile Games, even a lot of people have set up Mobile Games entrepreneurial team. But now, compared to the outbreak of the market, the survival of small teams is not optimistic. According to a previous survey data, 23% of Japan’s independent game developers, the monthly income of less than 10 thousand yen. Which also has a few years of entrepreneurial team did not earn a penny, but owed a debt ass. Cleanings two developers according to Gamelook, a cleanings bottom of the development team, to enter the field of mobile games in 3 years, the public sent 13 games, but only the cumulative income of 70 thousand yen (about 4500 yuan), even the garbage 2 months of income are more than this number. For this argument, the development team is not to think it as shameful, but proud. To this end, many Japanese media to give the evaluation of this team is the mobile gaming industry in the heterogeneous". Cleanings’s a game called "Pelican" and Sumo game "heterogeneous development team": 3 years only earn 4500 yuan that might as well pick up garbage, according to Japanese media reports, cleanings is not a complete stand-alone game team. The whole team consists of 2 developers, what seems to be no surprise from this point, but the two person is serious work, because the Company expressly prohibits the development of sideline, so whether it is the development or the issue of the game, are performed in the form of anonymous. One of the developers in an interview also said that because the company’s regulations, once found, will be (development Mobile Games) immediately dismissed, so more time are in the canteen, the game plan in a sneaky way. Even attending public events comes in the form of a mask. According to the official blog in the world, the team is not to make money in the game industry as the main objective. The reason why the development of hand travel, the original purpose is actually used to vent pressure. As for the two developers, is itself a "Joker (for examples at the world)", but in the company has to "play" "serious staff (MA and Tokyo – will be members)", it is precisely because of such pressure, so that they produce the "adventure" plan. Coupled with that period of time is very popular hand travel, so I think it is better to try to do hand travel bar. Because it’s just trying, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t make money. As of May this year under the cleanings game downloads and revenues as a result, two developers have embarked on the development of Mobile Games "no return". In these 3 years, they launched a total of 13 games on the mobile gaming platform, and all their products are not included in the project, it can be said that revenue depends entirely on advertising. According to the data on its blog, as of May this year, these games add up to download only 21176 times, the cumulative amount of income is only about 70 thousand yen (about $4515).相关的主题文章: