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Wu Lipeng attended the premiere of "Yangtze River map" low-key powerful Sohu Wu Lipeng entertainment "Yangtze River map" premiere entertainment Sohu 2016 annual international awards only Chinese works, the film "Yangtze River map", September 6th held a grand opening ceremony and the red carpet ceremony in Beijing. Premiere guest lineup unprecedented artistic flavor. Chinese poetry’s flag character, the North Island rock artist Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou, and Lv Le, mosey child poetry, plateau fashion leader attended the event together, cheer for the "Yangtze River map" September 8th National release. As of 2016 the only one at the international film festival awards won the Chinese language film "Yangtze River map" will be screened in China on September 8th, and are projected on the giant screen, which will give the audience a very unusual viewing experience. The strength of the new generation of Wu Lipeng as one of the main actors of the film was invited to attend the opening ceremony, has always been low-key and reserved in the interview he said: "the process of Yangtze River map shot dead, waiting for the advent of the process has been gradually put down slowly, when I got to look forward to, the Berlin Film Festival finalists notice, the whole 4 years like a roller coaster in general, this is the gift of God, thank the director and guest brother trust, this is not just a job, it is an unforgettable memories". The premiere arranged a 650 seat auditorium, in short supply. Two 80 people with temporary office, can barely meet the media and industry demand. In view of some media and film actress who have said "Wu Lipeng is Qin Hao China art film actor’s new hope". The film will be a national more than 500 games ahead of the 4K version of the point mapping in September 8th, September 9th was released in early October, in North American theaters.   相关的主题文章: