Wu Sha was sent to the lawyer Liu Xiang to protect his wife something rushed me!-luonv

Wu’s defamation lawyer’s letter sent Liu Xiang to protect his wife: have rushed me! Tencent entertainment news (Wen ran Rui) September 19th, all star exploration broke a group of suspected Liu Xiang father against son and Wu Sha together sms. In addition, claiming to be a former teammate Wu Sha people through the all star exploration broke the news, Wu Sha has rich men in love during the split and Liu Xiang. In this regard, Wu Sha drying out the lawyer’s letter at micro-blog, said his reputation suffered serious derogatory, "pure fabrication fiction, out of thin air." Subsequently, Liu Xiang also forwarded this letter, resolutely defend his wife. The afternoon of September 19th, the all star on foreign exposure of a group of suspected Liu Xiang November 2013 father disapproved of Liu Xiang and Wu Sha with SMS, SMS content suspected Liu Xiang’s parents are not satisfied with Wu Sha, so Liu Xiang forced and breaking, triggering hot. In addition, in the all star exploration reports, there is a self proclaimed former teammate Wu Sha who broke the news: "Wu Sha reputation in athletes is not very good, because she thought is very heavy, and his teammates did not go too close, don’t play together, are playing their own. And Wu Sha social relations is very complex, she contacted the community team have seen some." Subsequently, the insider also suggests that Shakespeare was in love with Liu Xiang Wu during the split of rich men. 19 evening, Wu Sha drying out the lawyer’s letter in micro-blog in response to the rumors, and said his reputation suffered serious derogatory. The lawyer said in a letter released by the "All Star" content is not real, "pure fabrication, Ms. Wu Sha was out of thin air, malicious slander and insult." In this regard, Wu Sha requires infringement immediately delete all false information on Ms. Wu Sha, Ms. Wu Sha and apologized to the public apology. Related media and network users can delete and stop false articles and reproduced the relevant information, so as to avoid reproduced content and lead to their authorized legal liability is not necessary. Subsequently, Liu Xiang also forwarded this letter, and with the text behind his wife, "dear friends, after rumors about me I usually laugh, but this is not real news has hurt my family, I could no longer ignore the harm. At present, the matter has been handled by a lawyer, I believe that no matter how deep the rumormongers hidden will be punished by law. (micro-blog comments have been opened, have rushed me.)"

吴莎遭诽谤发律师函 刘翔护妻:有事冲我来! 腾讯娱乐讯(文 冉蕊)9月19日,全明星探爆料了一组疑似刘翔父亲反对儿子与吴莎在一起的短信。此外,一位自称是吴莎昔日队友的人还通过全明星探爆料,吴莎曾在和刘翔恋爱期间劈腿富家男。对此,吴莎在微博晒出律师函,称自己的名誉受到了严重的贬损,“ 纯属捏造虚构、无中生有。”随后,刘翔也转发这篇律师函,坚决捍卫爱妻。9月19日下午,全明星探对外曝光了一组疑似2013年11月刘翔父亲不同意刘翔与吴莎在一起的短信,短信内容疑刘翔父母非常不满意吴莎,所以苦劝刘翔与之分手,引发网友热议。此外,在全明星探的报道中,有一位自称“吴莎的昔日队友”的人爆料:“吴莎在运动员中的口碑不怎么样,因为她心机很重,和队友走得也不太近,基本不在一起玩,都是自己玩自己的。并且吴莎的社会关系很复杂,她接触的社会人士队友们也都见过一些。”随后,该知情人更暗示吴莎曾在与刘翔恋爱期间劈腿富家男。19日晚,吴莎在微博晒出律师函以回应该传闻,并表示自己的名誉受到了严重的贬损。律师函中称“全明星探”发布的内容不实,“纯属捏造虚构、无中生有,对吴莎女士进行恶意侮辱、诽谤。”对此,吴莎方面要求侵权行为人立即删除对吴莎女士的一切不实信息,并向吴莎女士公开赔礼道歉。相关媒体及网络用户即可删撤并停止转载相关不实文章及信息,以免因转载授权内容而导致己方承担不必要的法律责任。随后,刘翔也转发了这篇律师函,并配文力挺爱妻,“各位亲爱的网友,此前关于我的种种流言通常我都一笑而过,但这次的不实新闻已经伤害到我的家人,我不可能再无视这种伤害。目前此事已经交由律师处理,我相信造谣者无论隐藏的多深都一定会受到法律的惩处。(微博评论已打开,有事冲我来。)”相关的主题文章: