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Wuhan local entrepreneurship project   many investors are optimistic about the Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: Wuhan local entrepreneurial projects by many investors optimistic about the 2016 national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week Hubei Wuhan venue once again attracting attention. Yesterday around the country to participate in high-quality entrepreneurial team have Han Qing Tong Hui Road Show, "Han production" project has been a number of investors. The theme is "Wuhan Valley? Internet plus Tong Hui", sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal People’s government, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, East Lake hi tech Zone, Wuhan municipal League co host, Optics Valley venture Coffee Co, aims to promote innovative financing, promotion plan, Wuhan City Wuhan Valley partners plan show Wuhan innovation environment and attract outstanding entrepreneurial projects "Internet plus" landing in Wuhan. According to the introduction, from the application of 250 projects across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, the Hangzhou, Wuhan and other domestic business gathering of nearly 10 high-quality college students entrepreneurial projects, participated in the final roadshow. Many of them have just received $130 million C round of financing ofo Peking University cycling and other quality projects. The arrival of these projects, but also attracted dozens of investors from all over the country. In the roadshow project, Wuhan local business investment projects have also been enormous attention. The Wuhan University’s cargo volume measurement system of Goodscan intelligent project, using the latest depth sensor, using the camera surveying method, developed a series of products, goods can provide fast and accurate volume measurement service for the logistics enterprises, and the combination of Internet and data mining technology, improve the efficiency of logistics in all aspects of information collection, storage, sorting and distribution, to help millions of national logistics enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In the final voting session, Goodscan intelligent goods volume measurement system project of Wuhan University received 9 investment invitation letter, only air wash from the Zhejiang University project one less, ranked second. Some investors said that Wuhan venture project is relying on the advantages of local university discipline, while keeping the development direction of the development of industrial technology and the "Internet plus" industry, promising. (reporter Chen Cheng correspondent Li Yuqi) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: