Wuzhou, a third year students from the 4 floor of the dormitory jumped off the phone because the sus bloxorz

Wuzhou, a third grade students from the 4 floor of the dormitory floor, the suspect was arrested for playing mobile phones around 1:30 pm on November 11th, a third day of Wuzhou County, Cangwu students suddenly jumped from the school dormitory floor, seriously injured. The day of the incident, the students have received punishment in violation of rules. Parents suspect that the child jumped to school with heavy punishment. Wuzhou city Cangwu County Shiqiao Town Residents Tuo the son of Ms. Yang Haojun in town a middle school read grade, 15 years old this year. The day before 1 pm, Ms. Tuo suddenly received a phone call from his son from school, he was closed, soon to pick him up. After a while, the son of the instructor called to say: "you come over, your son to jump off the building!" But when Ms. Wu rushed to the school, the immediate scene let her silly eye, her son is being carried by 120 ambulance ambulance. "When I saw my son, my left ankle and right ankle were all worn. The forehead is still here to hurt, nose here blood flow." Ms. Tuo recalls. Due to serious injuries, the day Yang Haojun was transferred to Wuzhou People’s Hospital. At present, Yang Haojun’s life signs were stable, but this jump brings damage to the 15 year old Yang Haojun: the lower part of the body, feet, knees have pelvic fracture cases. Need for surgery. Yang Haojun’s father told reporters, son of a naughty, although the achievement is not good, but also not to commit suicide by jumping from such extreme behavior. After some investigation, we learned that the child may be jumping with the morning of the punishment. "At that time, 3 students were punished, of which there are 1 is my cousin. Pick up the phone was found by the teacher, may be turned over. The teacher asked the students to write two books full of " with charging treasure " these words. To 12 noon when they want to eat or not eat, a little dizzy, my cousin said, here he said the dead on the line, you have to write standing, my cousin said I sit down and write do not write, you have to stand." Yang Haojun’s cousin, ms.. For students is not a school changed again? It turned out that the implementation of the punishment is the school’s two co manager. So what happened in the process of things as punishment Yang Haojun’s family say? Reporters interviewed at the time and Yang Haojun to accept the punishment of the other two students, they are not consistent with the two statements. Yang Haojun’s classmate bear: instructor said he stood to write, not on the line, you have to stand to write." Yang Haojun’s classmate Xiao Mo: "scold not scold, call us copy word." Yang Haojun’s family said that after the incident, they also had to communicate with the school, but the school to give the argument is also a change and change, at present, the hospital in the hospital medical expenses only Yang family from the pocket of their own money in the hands of the ICU. Yang Haojun’s cousin, Ms. Wu: "at the beginning of the school have to educate and punish the students, and later came to the leadership of the Bureau of education, they do not admit that there is such a thing." Yang Haojun’s father Yang Guoyi: "the child made a mistake, you should tell his teacher, master class)相关的主题文章: