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Xiamen 100 hidden Tin House Demolition filthy Street students become bright originally filthy Street students become bright, green belt and leisure facilities will be built next morning news reporter Yuan Xiaomin correspondent Zhong Yu Ceng Qingyi "Meranti" brought great disaster to Xiangan. At present, Xiangan national action, Our wills unite like a fortress. post disaster reconstruction work. Secondary disasters caused by typhoon, but also caused the city’s two levels of government attaches great importance to. A large number of blow down and blow down the hut, reel right and left the advertising sign, there is a great security risk. To this end, Xiangan will fight for 30 days, in the region to carry out the elimination of the "violation of the law," the safety of the special rectification actions, there are currently 101 security risks of the metal house was demolished. The students along the street dirty and messy, according to the Xiangan Law Enforcement Bureau official, in defense against the typhoon, blow fly down housing top, simple shed, billboards, urban high tin building, construction and reconstruction of rural private houses over the buildings and structures, have not been approved by the relevant government departments for approval, no formal engineering design there is no formal engineering construction team, construction quality is not guaranteed, in the typhoon was blown down, blow down, characteristics fully exposed the existence of security risks and endangering public safety. Students’ educational park along the street shop in the hut. Previously, because in a crowded area, driven by the interests of many people, illegal building Tin House adventure, then leased to businesses, then produced a large number of stalls, snack stalls and snack cart. This kind of dining there, makes the further deterioration of the environment, not only affect the appearance of the city, causing traffic jams, there are security risks, supervision of food hygiene has great difficulty. According to the new town related sources, a large number of barbecue, snack stalls have led to long-term dirty, disorderly and poor, often have been complaints from residents. In addition, according to the jurisdiction of the police station, the site of the law and order is also a great pressure, often received security related police. More than once before the school authorities have proposed to punish these illegal cover iron shop. One hundred hidden metal housing demolition after the typhoon, Xiangan Cultural Park Alex Hua Tian college in front of hundreds of stores along the metal housing is a mess, tin roof was blown away, many tin roof billboards hanging instability reel right and left, and there is a great security risk. Even Japan, law enforcement and public security departments and other relevant units and personnel and community cadres into the community policy and regulations propaganda and patient persuasion, from the source to eliminate the security risks of two violations produced. Yesterday, Xiangan District New Town, public security, market supervision, environmental protection, safety supervision, law enforcement and other relevant departments, dispatched more than 600 people, the Xiangan New Town Cultural Park of the "student street" along and near the 101 hidden safety problems of metal housing thoroughly removed, to ensure the safety of students and the masses life and property. With the roar of the excavator, after more than 1 hours, 101 tin real final "originally reel right and left lying on the ground, a total area of 4600 square meters. Then, the relevant departments at noon and overtime, two pronged approach to the serious pollution of the environment of the two stone factory was completely demolished remediation, with a total area of 4000 square meters. Construction of green belts and leisure;相关的主题文章: