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The implementation of the 500 members of the public sign experience Xi’an city card Changan starting a kind of Kaka Xi’an city card name system years (card company for map) Xi’an city card Changan first registered Kaka (like card company for map), even the western network, the Xi’an city card (Changan) real name system with continuous media after the report, once again aroused public concern. Western network, Shaanxi headlines client reporter also contacted the relevant person in charge of Xi’an city card company, was informed that the Xi’an city card real name system plan announced in 2016. It is understood that the card is real name report covers, personalized applications as one of the Changan new type of card, increase the registered information and other functions. Cardholders handle business, you need to enter the user password to achieve the cardholder’s identity verification. In order to further expand the Changan card application scenarios, to create online and offline application business card companies in Xi’an began planning the Changan real name system technology, simulation test, business operations and other preparatory work in early 2013 April, and in 2015 June the first in the field of new energy vehicle charging. It is reported that Xi’an card company has developed a Changan real name card issuance, management, registration, clearly the real name report the loss of business process, the customer service staff conducted a special training business name system, comprehensive start the 2 round of testing work in the company, currently has a system of on-line conditions, the plan for the year 2016 in the press release foreign announced and implemented. Xi’an city card Propaganda Department official told reporters, said: Changan card real name system is to meet the needs of the general public, but also to cultivate the characteristics of the company, personalized, customized service premise. The card company will Changan card name system and city run big data platform together, is a public service platform for the general public public information point of precise push, is also the enterprise launched such as tourism card, residents health card, micro finance and other special service carrier, is to achieve the water, gas, heat and parking pay back debit online personalized service channel." In order to protect the card name system more complete and orderly, recently, Xi’an card company will plan with Shaanxi radio and television channels, multi frequency network, Shaanxi daily, Western Shaanxi province Shaanxi headlines client ten news media, open call 500 people first experience Changan card name system, at the same time to absorb, feedback, improvement related issues and problems, so that the real name system in full swing, provide better service for people’s production and life and work.相关的主题文章: