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Xi’an men go out to buy food at home have been burning for unknown reasons today about half past ten in the morning, the road Cuipingwan District of Xi’an mine households suddenly caught fire, which makes the owner of the house to the master also feel some unbelievable. The master told the metropolis hotline, the all media reporter. His family was on the third floor of building seven on the 1st floor. At about ten o’clock this morning, his wife went to work, and his son went to school. He went out to buy vegetables, so there was no one in the family. About half a year or so, he returned to the restaurant after he bought the dishes. As a result, he heard that he had a fire at home when he entered the community, and then he saw that the outside of his balcony was already dark, and there was a naked fire at that time. Then after the fire fighting, about half past eleven in the morning, the fire was extinguished and the fire left. Now the whole home of master master is already a mess, especially on the balcony, how is this fire caused by that? He said today when teachers go out in the morning, the balcony of the range of only one item is the power of his son’s mobile phone, was in charge, he speculated might be lines because of the problems caused by the fire, but the fire is still not sure, the specific situation needs further investigation.

西安男子出门买个菜家里竟被烧 着火原因不明   今天早上十点半左右,西安矿山路翠屏湾小区里一住户家突然起火,这让这家的主人敬师傅也是觉得有些不可思议。   敬师傅告诉《都市热线》全媒体记者,他家是在小区七号楼一单元三楼,今天早晨十点左右,妻子上班去了,儿子也去学校上学了,他就出门去买菜,所以家里当时没有人。   半个小左右,敬师傅买完菜回来,结果一进小区就听说自己家里起火了,然后他就看到自家阳台外面已经是一片漆黑,当时还有明火。随后经过消防的扑救,大概在上午十一点半左右,火势才被扑灭,消防离开。   现在敬师傅的整个家里面已经是一片狼藉,尤其是阳台,那到底这个火灾是怎么引起的呢?   敬师傅说他今天早晨出门的时候,阳台的方位唯一一个通电的物品就是他儿子的手机,当时在充电,他猜测可能是因为线路的问题引起的火,但是着火原因目前还不能确定,具体情况还有待进一步调查。相关的主题文章: