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Xiangyang specialty dish "double 11" 10493 30 minutes to sell ten thousand single business staff is 120 billion 700 million yuan package delivery! This year, double eleven, electronic business platform sales and innovation. In Xiangyang, electricity supplier, the store also harvest quite. Xiangyang specialty crispy rice 30 minutes sold ten thousand single, a local electricity supplier companies on the same day sales of more than 16 yuan, is three or four times the usual. Some physical stores are overcrowded, fitting and payment are lined up on the same day, the department store sales rose 80%. Xiangyang specialty crispy rice 30 minutes sold ten thousand single 10 evening 11:30, high tech Zone Business Incubator Park in the dark, a home appliance business office is lit. "I would like to buy beef noodles, I would like to ask how to use coupons?" "Pro, you first receive, when the payment will automatically use?" "I have orders, and so on, will be paid directly, right?" Pro, you can join the shopping cart, and so will be paid directly under the order"…… Xiangyang this year "double eleven" crispy rice, beef noodles, duck’s egg, preserved egg and so on more than a dozen self brand products and brand products to join the more than and 40 hosting activities. From the double eleven and half an hour, customer service staff are busy reply users, director of operations Gao Yonghua next to help solve the problem. The 11 day of 0:00, officially started the double eleven promotion war. Taobao 0:02:03, the characteristics of Xiangyang museum this year ushered in the "double eleven" customer first, Hunan Tujia Yongshun County Lo to complete the payment, the purchase of the Xiangyang specialty rice crust. "My side is open, too." "There are two customers to pay, there are a few customers orders." For a time, Triumphant news keeps pouring in. Just half an hour, the old mouth crispy rice sales has exceeded ten thousand single. More and more orders, several customer service staff is not getting busy, many users directly under the single payment. Gao Yonghua said: the first half of the year is the ‘double eleven’ peak hours, but this year the number of fewer and fewer consultants, indicating full preparation before online shopping, online shopping has become more rational." According to statistics, this year the "double eleven", Xiangyang Museum Chinese features Taobao orders up to 162 thousand and 600 copies, the total turnover reached 11 million 910 thousand yuan, and last year was 7 million yuan; among them, exceeded one million yuan in just 11 minutes, 18 minutes last year. Sales of the top three items are Xiangyang crispy rice, beef noodles and preserved egg. Gulou checkout queues sales highs this year, major shopping malls are also actively preparing for the launch of "double eleven", many brands online parity activities, offers unprecedented intensity. The same day, the reporter visited intime, Wanda, China Yangtang and other large department stores supermarkets. "Yintai Tmall price" more than 50 percent off "and" 9.9 yuan "seckill" full 111 to send 111 "and other promotional efforts online platform emerge in an endless stream, catching up. Strong promotional efforts to attract a lot of people, almost all the super crowded. Many shops Wanda’s dressing room, waiting for the customer with the clothes fitting; in the drum tower mall, the cashier at the queue. "This activity is too much, the fur 2 to 60 percent off, I love the brand is half off discount, and online price, I would rather buy in the store after the try, more fit, not to express." Ms. Wang said the public. Management department deputy general manager Liu Zhiqiang introduction, a week ahead of the ten y相关的主题文章: