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Xiangyang women live in their own house have to pay rent behind a sigh live well, the door was broken! Xiangyang citizen Ms. Shaw has been living alone in Fancheng cotton plant families, nearly two days, her quiet life was suddenly broken. She said she was on her way to work half a month ago, and suddenly received a phone call from her neighbor who said she was trying to pry her door. Ms. Xiao is very puzzled, he usually never have what holidays, how would suddenly be breaking? Let Ms. Shaw did not think of is, the other side not only confidently broke in, also claimed that Ms. Shaw lived his house. Miss Xiao said, she and her husband in early divorce, division of property, the couple decided to transfer to the house has more than and 20 year old son, but two years ago, his son left the house, and has no contact with MS. shaw. Now if the other side of the real estate license is true, the only possibility is that his son has been transferred to sell their own house. Because always can not contact his son, unable to clarify the situation, Ms. Shaw had to go to the police station mediation and breaking the Hanjiang river. After the police investigation, the man claiming to be the owner of the house, in fact, two years ago, has got the house property certificate, that is to say, Ms. Shaw lived in these two years is the house of others. The police, after Ms. Shaw’s son to transfer the house two years ago, perhaps out of guilt, with each other and signed a two-year lease contract, let Ms. Shaw can continue to live for two years now, the expiry of the lease contract, the other is natural to recover the house. Because the other side will have hard back home door replacement, Ms. Xiao had to resort to the neighborhood community, and a person in charge of the neighborhood said, in fact, before breaking, the other came to the neighborhood. The person in charge, in fact, the other in breaking just before Ms. Xiao posted on the door a reminder, but Ms. Xiao did not know is not seen, or because of other reasons have not responded to each other before taking this extreme way. In this regard, a lawyer said, because Ms. Shaw’s son is more than and 20 years old, you can exercise the real civil acts. If the son has been transferred to the house owner is now, as the owner of the house, is indeed the right to exercise. However, the lawyer also said that although the main Xianfang has the right to vacate the house, but also should be in accordance with the formal procedures, should not be discarded furniture. In addition, the Miss Xiao experience also remind parents in advance housing transfer to their children, it must be considered children housing ownership, whether reasonable disposal, so as to avoid the passive. (source: Xiangyang radio and television)相关的主题文章: