Xie Nanliu rock inside the sun inside the original entry of the entry form of the competition in the cibi

Huang Anbao Xie Nanliu the former sun rock debut inside the entry form in September 28th, Huang An Liu Yan Xie Nan, former micro-blog out of the sun in the talent contest entry form and according to the old, and then exposed Xie Nan debut a insider. Wrote: "people often ask me how to become famous, I said that some of the best, the fastest celebrity," said Huang An. For example, my own, in a small company released three albums are not good, for the record of China in such a large company funds, the money hit to death, my company is on fire! Artists of the day, every day to help you, of course you lucky. I served as the 2005 Anhui TV show host cat judges, this game a lot of people. The first Xie Nan, when she was in the agricultural radio when a small DJ, than half of the plan is not the same. Her mother came to me and asked me what I had to say about the radio station, and Xie Nan had a champion. Her mother should have accepted, and Xie Nan had won the championship. I’m afraid Xie Nan still don’t know, if I had to tell her mother the best out of the race, her life will be completely different, I am honored. Xie Nan developed well, and later married Wu Jing." He also said Liu Yan became popular, there must be someone behind it". He also claimed: "I keep the competition entry form, photos, is to know in a few years, can the" grey lady said Tianbao ", there are pictures and the truth."相关的主题文章: