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Xinchang volunteers picking up trash on the cliff path along the cliff "dragon" and "eat" junk recently, Xinchang nineteen peak scenic road to 10 dragon dragon, flying them down from the plank road, along a vertical drop of one hundred or two hundred meters to the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, sometimes even hanging in midair. The "dragon" from the Red Cross in Xinchang outdoor rescue team to the path along the cliff is not dazzling stunt, but the use of professional skills, free of charge to help pick up trash from the tourist scenic spot. This year "eleven" period, Xinchang nineteen peak scenic dragon plank test business. Seven days, popular full plank. Excessive influx of tourists has a certain impact to the scenic environment, some tourists at a distance of 200 metres above the ground of the Dragon down the path along the cliff, readily throw garbage. The wind scattered garbage of every hue in the hillside, or Cliff Branch, very unsightly. But to clean up scattered on the hillside of the garbage, almost impossible for ordinary sanitation workers. Proper management of scenic spots square sore, Red Cross of Xinchang outdoor rescue team volunteered to volunteer with this arduous task. In October 11th, the Xinchang Red Cross outdoor rescue team 10 players wearing professional equipment to the Dragon path along the cliff path along the cliff, they rely on the cement pier and mountain thick tree trunk support, vertical one hundred meters down to the mountain, pick up garbage. On October 15th at 8:30 in the morning, the 10 players came to the dragon road again, this time they focus on cleaning up the most thrilling dragon cliff a piece of glass plank. Until five thirty in the afternoon, the rescue team will be under the glass cliff cliff garbage basic clean it is understood that most of these players are party members or party activists, most of them have their own work. Zhao Zhuting, general manager of Xinchang County Tourism Group nineteen peak company thanks to the selfless help of the rescue team. During the ‘eleven’, they do volunteer work in the scenic spot, with the scenic staff to do security work, but also at risk to help us clean up garbage." Pan Qingqing, Secretary of the Party branch of the rescue team told reporters, because everyone has a job in the body, so the next clean-up work will be on the weekend, is expected to be completed throughout the month to clean up time. Scenic areas called for tourists to civilization play, do not throw garbage thrown into the mountains, and jointly safeguard the scenic clean and tidy.相关的主题文章: