Xingtai woman said his son lost more than 20 years has not received a letter of extortion

Xingtai woman said his son lost more than 20 years has not received a letter of extortion

original title: Hebei woman said his son lost more than 20 years did not file? Police response: already filing investigation

Pingxiang County of Xingtai City, Hebei Province Feng Zhou Zhen Huang in Macun villagers Ms. Du Shufeng came to the Legal Evening News to reflect, in 1995, his son Huang Hemeng lost, has not been found, and the public security organs but not to initiate an investigation.


said, in 1995 the 6th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, she and her lover to open a motorcycle repair shop in Pingxiang County, in the car when the son in love, across the street to play in the yard of their neighbors. Morning 10 am, 3 year old son suddenly disappeared, the family began looking around at night, received a blackmail letter, asked the family within the specified time will be 15000 yuan to Wang Yang Village East Bridge, otherwise it will kill. "At that time, the home is not rich, or can put all sorts of things together 15000 yuan, sent to the designated location, but not to the children." Ms. Du said, since then, she and her family have embarked on a long search for more than 20 years who have joined a lot of looking for the child’s team, but no news of his son.

, we were reported to the Pingxiang County Public Security Bureau, the public security bureau did not initiate an investigation." Ms. Du said, whether it is abducted or the public security organs should blackmail and impose exactions on, carries on the investigation, the public security organs but never to produce a written certificate of any family is under investigation or filing, "born to see people die to see the corpse. I have several children and Renqin did DNA, not a confirmed. In order to find the children, everywhere I go, all this money, 20 years have not had a good night’s sleep, sleep always dreamed that he came back."

for this, the reporter contacted the deputy director, responsible for the criminal investigation work of Pingxiang County, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau Yan he said that the case would have to initiate an investigation, Naidu said not filing is not true. For the progress of the case, Yan, deputy director, said too much inconvenience.

director of the Xingtai County Public Security Bureau of Pingxiang County Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Li also said that he had heard of the situation in the case of Ms. Du, the case of the case is significant, then the case must be filed after the report, is still under investigation.