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Xinjiang has a massive meteorite fall   425 kilometer belt – Sichuan Channel – original title: Xinjiang has a massive meteorite larger meteorite in fall during the flight, because of high temperature and high pressure air flow impact, will burst in the air. If the meteorite is large enough, the pieces will burst like raindrops scattered to the ground, this phenomenon is called "meteor rain". In 1898, Xinjiang iron meteorite was discovered, also known as silver camel, weighing 28 tons, is the world’s top fourth meteorites. Silver camel is currently stored in the Xinjiang Museum of Geology and mineral resources. According to Xinhua news agency, a 1898 28 ton, a huge iron meteorite found in 2004, a 430 kg iron meteorite found in 2011 5 tons of iron meteorites, the three across the 100 years of the "extraterrestrial" to come to earth? What is the connection between them? 13, 2009, Chinese Academy of Sciences Purple Mountain Observatory scientists announced that these meteorites belong to the world’s largest meteorite shower – the international meteorite society named "Aletai meteorite rain". With the fall of up to 425 kilometers, far more than the previous world’s largest meteorite. Xu Weibiao, chief scientist at the Institute of Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has studied meteorites for up to 30 years. According to him, there is a "extraterrestrial" said the meteorite is human study of extraterrestrial first-hand information. Through collaboration with the University of California at Los Angeles, Xu Weibiao led the project team that discovered in 2011 in Xinjiang Aletai area of Xiaodonggou 5 ton large iron meteorites Wuxilike, main mineral is kamacite, taenite and plessite, vice mineral schreibersite, cohenite troilite and chromite, consistent and after the discovery of the Xinjiang iron meteorite and wulasitai iron meteorite. The trace element geochemical analysis shows that the three iron meteorites belong to paired meteorites, which are derived from the same parent. "This means that, although these meteorites have been discovered in time spanning over 100 years, but they are in the presence of the earth before, from the same parent, was passing through the earth’s atmosphere, after the explosion scattered off the formation of a huge meteorite." Xu Weibiao said. News links – meteorites "Yan value" is not high expensive after a violent atmosphere burning meteorite mostly "color value" is not high, the Wuxilike iron meteorite looks dusty slice. Due to the scarcity of the number of scientific research value, the meteorite worth a lot of money. Some meteorites even gold, diamond. For scientific purposes, many research units will go to the international market to buy meteorites. There are more and more people at home and abroad to collect meteorites. The moon is the earth’s "amazing discovery" sisters "? Scientists believe that the meteorite is the boundless universe brings human gift, full of "physical examination" can obtain many first-hand information, helps to reveal the global astronomical community is still struggling to explore the "three origin", which is the origin of the universe, celestial origin and the origin of life. Recently, through the study of lunar meteorites, astronomers in China and the United States and the amazing discovery相关的主题文章: