Xixiang to Shaanxi expressway construction Zhenba adds a province channel pgd-426

Xixiang to Shaanxi expressway construction Zhenba adds a province channel interchange plan Zhenba western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Qian Jinku) today (November 3rd) morning, Xixiang Expressway to Zhenba groundbreaking ceremony was held in Xixiang County of Hanzhoung City, Wu Zi Shan interchange, vice governor Zhuang Changxing announced the start. West town highway is the highway network planning in the province of 18 contact line is one of the important section of town line, Southeast of Hanzhoung City, with a north-south Shaanxi Sichuan Province transportation channel two. Route length of 50.05 kilometers, from Xixiang County Yan Kou Zhen, use of the existing ten days afternoon mountain high-speed interchange, south along the Jing the Yanghe River line, stop in Zhenba County North Xiao Du dam, a Zhenba interchange with state highway 210 connected, to achieve connectivity and Zhenba County, the four lane Expressway standard construction, design speed 80 kilometers per hour, 24 bridges, 16 tunnels, located interchange 4, ramp toll station 4, a parking area 1, the estimated investment of 6 billion 883 million yuan, from the town management group is responsible for the implementation of the high speed, the plan was opened to traffic in 2020. The construction of the project, will bid farewell to the history of the highway barrier Zhenba County, the road network promotes our province and neighboring provinces of connectivity, to further improve the highway network layout, support in Qinba mountainous areas out of poverty, promote the economic and social development, plays an important role in. Xixiang Zhenba road is located in the Qinba mountain area, of which 32 km to Jing the Yanghe River Canyon unmanned area, the entire tunnel ratio as high as 91.5%, for me, one of the highest proportion of highway bridge and tunnel in recent years.相关的主题文章: