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Ya’an Baoxing County: here is not only "Adorable" is "red" – Beijing qianlong.com Ya’an September 11th news (reporter Yan Yan?) a giant panda, we first impressions are certainly "Adorable", then this adorable is first found in where? Yes, Ya’an is in Baoxing county. You know, here is not only very MOE is also very red – 81 years ago, here is an important node in the Red Army long march. 11, the long march on the road, a network of media interviews with a group of people to follow the footsteps of the Red Army also came to this place. The "red gene" — the first over the long march of the red army mountain snow village branch secretary Li Dean to reporters about the situation. Qianlong.com reporter Yan Yan photo? Drove to Baoxing County, found signs everywhere there are pandas, hotel room card, streets, decorative items…… If you say "Adorable" is a major feature of Baoxing County, then the "red" is another distinctive feature of Baoxing County, backed by jiajinshan, the Red Army climb the mountain first is to start from here, the Red Army memorial hall, the snow capped mountains over jiajinshan monument monument is located here. "The Red Army in June 7, 1935 xianqianbudui to Baoxing County, when people do not understand all of the Red Army, the Red Army left close the door waiting for second days, the Red Army from door to door publicity, the Red Army is the ranks of the poor, to the villagers to see them rich, qiuhaowufan that have come out and contact the red army." Stand in the Red Army crossing jiajinshan Memorial Li Chonggang speaking a Sichuan dialect to the reporter said, "then the Red Army to climb jiajinshan even the bird can not fly, although people do not persuade red adventure, but in the Red Army to leave or to the Red Army to prepare food, in 1936 January, Hongxing County raised 60 thousand Jin Yu Liang made food for the Red Army, raised 300 coat and 300 pairs of sandals. It can be said to support the people’s army of Baoxing all." The "red inheritance" — the spirit of the long march in the old liberated areas to inherit and develop as the old revolutionary base areas, Baoxing people have a tradition of "excellent party hard work in spite of difficulties million people united as one man with small family homes care of you". Located in Baoxing County mountain monument, was recorded in the Red Army crossing the heroic story qianlong.com reporter jiajinshan? Yan Yan photo 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Baoxing county has been the disaster epicenter, contact, Chengdu relief supplies only through the folder Jinshan 210 state road transport, but the road was destroyed. The young and old people spontaneously to donate the output in the shortest time to reopen the road 210. Li Chonggang told reporters that this is not afraid of difficulties, the courage to sacrifice the spirit of the long march of temper. "Booming" — folk tourism rich old man mountain Baoxing County village roadside panda logo qianlong.com reporter Yan Yan photo? The long march has been on the road. In building a well-off society in the new Long March, Baoxing adhere to the "planting trees on the hill, at the foot of mountain earn tickets, fill up the concept of" the development of ecological agriculture, and relying on the beautiful natural scenery and red culture to create high-end folk tourism attractions, let old people live.相关的主题文章: